Archived Course Outlines

Archived Course Outlines (2019-2020)

Summer 2021

pdf icon 9553L Music Technology in Music Education

pdf icon 9586L Special Topics in Music Education - Music education as global phenomenon: social, historical, and political foundations and challenges of music education in state school systems internationally

pdf icon 9782L Special Topics in Music Education - The Teacher

Summer 2020

Music Education

pdf icon 9586L Special Topics in Music Education - Music Education in Inclusive Contexts

pdf icon 9782L Special Topics in Music Education - Understanding Progressive Methods in Music Education

pdf icon 9783L Special Topics in Music Education - Choral Conducting: Literature & Leadership


Fall and Winter 2020-21

Music Research and Composition

pdf icon  9512b/9612b Advanced Orchestration 

pdf icon  9518 (MMus) Composition

pdf icon  9520b Transformational Theory

pdf icon  9527b Topics in Schenkerian Theory

pdf icon  9533b (MMus) /9633b (PhD) Electroacoustic Music Composition

pdf icon  9535b Special Topics in Musicology: Research Creation

pdf icon  9540a Topics in Classical Music: Mozart and the Promise of the Enlightened Stage

pdf icon  9547a Topics in Popular Music Analysis & Production: Making Popular Music

pdf icon  9556a Studies in Contemporary Repertoire

pdf icon  9558y Composition I (PhD)

pdf icon  9659y Composition II (PhD)

pdf icon  9735a Special Topics in Musicology: Music and Trauma

pdf icon  9739b Cognitive Musicology

Music Education

pdf icon  9531a Research Methods in Music Education

pdf icon  9581a Philosophy of Music Education

pdf icon  9587b Sociology and Music Education

pdf icon  9599a Capstone Project

pdf icon  9599b Capstone Project

pdf icon  9640a Theories of Music Education (PhD)

pdf icon  9651b Qualitative Research (PhD)


pdf icon  9503y Special Topics: Saxophone Literature and Pedagogy

pdf icon  9504b (MMus)/ 9841b (DMA) Acting for Singers

pdf icon  9506y Collaborative Musicianship - Piano Duos

pdf icon  9510y Vocal Pedagogy

pdf icon  9513a Movement and Dance for Singers

pdf icon  9515 Vocal Repertory with Piano

pdf icon  9517y Instrumental Conducting Seminar II

pdf icon  9528 Ensemble - Western University Symphony Orchestra

pdf icon  9546 Opera Workshop

pdf icon  9549y Clarinet Literature and Pedagogy

pdf icon  9564a/9565b Chamber Orchestra

pdf icon  9566y (MMus)/ 9867y (DMA) Chamber Music

pdf icon  9567y Art of Vocal Coaching

pdf icon  9568y Early Music Studio

pdf icon  9593a Performance Research I

pdf icon  9594b Performance Research II

pdf icon  9595a Performance Research III

pdf icon  9596y Lyric Diction I

pdf icon  9597y Lyric Diction II  

pdf icon  9721a The 21st Century Musician

pdf icon  9822y (DMA) Doctoral Piano Pedagogy

pdf icon  9834b (DMA) Doctoral Vocal Literature: Opera

pdf icon  9892b (DMA) Doctoral String Pedagogy

Applied Lessons

pdf icon  Chiles - voice studio
pdf icon  Wieczorek - voice studio
pdf icon  Thompson - saxophone studio
pdf icon  Wiebe - cello studio
pdf icon  Kinton - piano studio
pdf icon  Luti - piano studio
pdf icon
  Starling-clarinet studio