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Research in the Don Wright Faculty of Music

“Art is research into the unknown, adding a little to the fund built up by earlier generations. This is the task of the artist”. (Olle Baertling, Swedish artist)

Research in the Don Wright Faculty of Music takes many forms as do the activities of our world-renowned faculty members. Research work includes creative scholarly products such as CD and DVD recordings of new repertoire or new interpretations of existing repertoire, compositions and more traditional research forms such as publications of books, book chapters and journal articles. 

Scholars conduct research into diverse topics including: music and politics, cultural history and popular music, music theory, theories of pitch and pitch-class structure, Schenkerian theory and analysis, mathematical models in music theory, recording practice, jazz pedagogy, analysis of tonal and post-tonal music, music of the twentieth century, history of music theory, interrelationships of music theory and music analysis, rock music, music analysis and performance, composition, electroacoustic research and performance, the music of Mozart, Stravinsky and Webern, the High Baroque, choral music, opera, inclusive music pedagogies and philosophy and psychology of music education.

If you wish to know more about research in the Don Wright Faculty of Music, please contact the Assistant Dean of Research, Emily Abrams Ansari at or 519 661 2111 x85387.

Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives: Music, Cognition, and the Brain

Western’s Music, Cognition, and the Brain initiative brings together faculty members and students from the Don Wright Faculty of Music, the Brain and Mind Institute, the National Centre for Audiology, and related areas.