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The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization (EDI-D) task force, including faculty, staff and student members at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, was formed in the fall of 2020.


As a task force, we seek to identify areas—in our faculty, our community, our administrative structures, and our curriculum—that perpetuate barriers for and erasure of Indigenous and equity-deserving groups. We will recommend transformative, systemic changes that will embrace equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization (EDI-D) within the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

We recognize that the work of EDI-D and Indigenization are related but distinct, given that Indigenous people are seeking sovereignty of their own traditional lands, ways of living, and ways of knowing. We understand “equity-deserving groups” as including but not limited to persons who are Black, racialized, women, 2SLGBTQ+, first-generation post-secondary students, and adult learners; persons who have disabilities or physically and neurologically divergent needs; persons from low-income families and communities; and persons who do not hold Canadian citizenship.


  1. Pursuing greater diversity and inclusion in degree and course offerings. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Establishing programmatic and curricular pathways that represent diverse musical and cultural traditions, and align with emerging areas of professional musical practice.
    2. Reviewing curriculum, resulting in suggestions for faculty to enhance their course content through greater engagement with EDI-D.
    3. Identifying possible course offerings and degrees that can be added to the curriculum within our current faculty.
    4. Recruiting faculty with expertise in these areas with the goal of creating greater diversity within our community.
  2. Establishing consistent, ongoing funding within the Don Wright Faculty of Music to support EDI-D within our programming (elders, culture bearers, music purchases, guest artists and lecturers, colloquia, etc...).
  3. Recommending changes to the admissions process that recognize barriers experienced by equity-deserving applicants. As musical study within our institution favours the privileged (those with access to further music lessons and instruments outside of secondary education), examining pathways for greater equity in the admissions process is imperative.
  4. Creating and maintaining a calendar of performances, lectures, and related events that plans for annual and special observances to promote music by IBPOC and other equity-deserving groups.
  5. Developing and delivering programs, events, and initiatives in collaboration with the Faculty of Music Students’ Council (FOMSC), the Society of Graduate Students in Music (SOGSIM), and other student groups that will create spaces for the academic endeavours and research of IBPOC within music. Such initiatives will employ intersectional approaches to encourage all participants to recognize their positionality within our faculty. We are creating an online EDI-D modules for members of the Don Wright Faculty of Music, with an anticipated launch date for graduate students in September 2022.


Cathy Benedict

Norma Coates

Amanda Costella

Rebecca Crane

Jonathan DeSouza

Edmund Goehring

Michael Kim

Cynthia Nguyet Hang Le

Vicky Li

Janet Loo

Kavone Manning

Rosheeka Parahoo

Emma Pennell

Mark Ramsay

Patrick Schmidt

Sara Shifaw

Beth Tuinstra

Tyrese Walters

Todd Wieczorek

Jenny Yang

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Music Library Director Brian McMillan extends thanks to the Western Libraries Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Subcommittee and the Don Wright Faculty of Music’s EDI-D Task Force for their insights and advice during the development of this guide.