Mission, Vision and Values Statements


The Don Wright Faculty of Music provides a learning environment that contributes to the understanding and transformation of culture and society through the study of music. We are dedicated to providing experiences within and across disciplines through curricular and pedagogical engagements that reflect and enhance scholarly, artistic and ethical commitments.


The Don Wright Faculty of Music will be a destination of choice for students interested in the traditions of music as well as interdisciplinary study across disciplines. The Faculty of Music will (1) provide the highest quality of creative and scholarly experiences for students in all undergraduate and graduate programs within and across disciplines, (2) provide opportunities to engage with artists and scholars who are renowned, and (3) support and make public that which we do through artistic and scholarly performances, recordings, publications, lectures, and presentations.


Through music we seek to understand and make transparent our humanity within cultural and social realms; it articulates the human condition. We embrace the core traditions that formed faculties of music, and continue to pursue pathways that represent diversity and intersections within the disciplines, which provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study.