Annual Graduate Symposium

The Society of Graduate Students in Music at Western University is pleased to announce our 24th annual Graduate Symposium on August 25-26, 2023. We are excited to welcome Dr. Joanna Bosse (Michigan State University) as our keynote speaker! 

Call for Papers

This year, WUGSOM will be held virtually and in person! August 25th will be dedicated to virtual presentations and August 26th will be in person with a virtual option. Attendees who are able to join us in person will be invited to a reception following the keynote presentation. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 30th, 2023, at midnight EST.

Our theme—interdisciplinarity—can be defined and conceptualized in a variety of ways. Jacobs and Frickel (2009) define interdisciplinarity as “communication and collaboration across academic disciplines” (p. 44). Lawrence (2010) adds that “the core characteristic of interdisciplinary approaches is their goal to integrate concepts, methods, and principles from different disciplines” (p. 127). We can consider interdisciplinarity within the arts, which Augsburg (2017) explains, “are reflective of, and characterized by, their interrelations with academic disciplines, fields, and discourses within and outside the realm of art” (p. 132). Augsburg also suggests that the interdisciplinary arts represent “broad interdisciplinarity,” which “connotes inclusivity . . . Inclusivity in turn implies openness to continuous change and innovation” (p. 132). With this spirit of interconnectedness and cooperation in mind, we welcome proposals from graduate students that express any form of collaboration between music and another discipline or field. We also recognize that different people will have various definitions of interdisciplinarity and encourage proposals that feel their work is interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary, pluridisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and/or transdisciplinary. Overall, an aim of this conference is to highlight the ways interdisciplinary work has strengthened the philosophies and methodologies of research projects.

Paper presentations will be allotted twenty minutes and lecture-recitals forty minutes. A ten-minute question period will follow each presentation. Submissions should include a title, a 350-word abstract (please leave out any identifying information), and your preference for a virtual or in-person presentation. All abstracts will be evaluated anonymously and should be suitable for publication in the conference program.

Please email your submission to:

Any questions or concerns can be sent to Donna Janowski:

Further information will be posted to the conference website as it becomes available.


Past Events

Our Annual Graduate Symposium, organized by our doctoral students, draws presenters from across North America and the UK.