Graduate Student Services

November 10, 2020 Update

Grad Computer Lab

The grad computer lab in TC 302 is now available to all Music graduate students. Each student has a quota of 1000 free copies for the 2020-21 academic year. Contact for your copy code to print/copy/scan using the Toshiba printer. Continuing students: please use the same code you had last year.

The room's capacity is set at 4 people. Please follow the safety practices posted in the room.


September 8, 2020 Update

Building Access

As the guidelines recently forwarded to you by the Dean indicate, graduate students, faculty and staff members need to fill out the required Health and Safety Questionnaire on My HR each time they come to campus. Using your Western ONE ID card, you are encouraged to access Talbot College and the Music Building at card-access entrances other than those used by undergraduate students. Undergraduate students will be swiping in with Building Ambassadors located at the Talbot College entrance by the circular drive.

Western ONE cards

You need a Western ONE card to access the buildings. For information about how to obtain one, please see:


Face coverings are required in all campus buildings. All graduate students have been provided with 3 cloth masks from Western. If you have a TA office, these have been distributed to your offices. All other graduate students can pick up their mask from Audrey’s office (TC 216 on Tuesdays 8:30-4).

The Grad Lounge

The lounge in TC 420 will remain closed throughout the Fall term.

TA information – copy codes; offices; printer

All TA offices are shared. Please coordinate with your office mate so that there is only one of you in the office at a time. If a student comes for a face-to-face meeting, masks are required by both you and the student. TC 119 and 128, and MB 114 can be reserved for meetings if physical distancing in your office is challenged.

All TAs have been given a copy code to use the Toshiba printer/copiers in TC 210 for TA duties. If you had a TA code last year, please use the same code. Contact Audrey if you’ve forgotten your code.

Access to the printers in TC 210 will be via the secondary door and the door code has been emailed to all TAs. Note that this photocopy room is used by all faculty and GTAs/GSAs, so please respect the room capacity.

Each TA whose assignment includes in-person duties has been supplied with an Instructor’s Safety Kit. These have been distributed to your TA office.

TC 210 (Music main office) access

TC 210 will be closed to in-person appointments and drop-in visits. There will, however, be someone in either TC210, TC 211 and/or TC 212 during normal office hours (M-F, 9-4) to answer the door for emergency purposes, if you need to collect something from your mailbox, and/or to receive deliveries.

Contacting Audrey Yardley-Jones (Graduate Program Assistant) and Dr. Catherine Nolan (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies)

As always, we are both available to answer your questions or discuss issues by email or Zoom. Additionally, Audrey will be in her office TC 216 on Tuesdays 8:30-4:00. Although the door will be closed, please knock if you need to pick something up or need immediate assistance.

Dr. Catherine Nolan is holding virtual office hours on Thursdays in October and November (except October 29)  from 12:30 - 1:30. No appointment is necessary; a Zoom link will be sent the day before.

For more information

Please continue to access the COVID-19 Updates at Don Wright Faculty of Music website regularly which includes the guidelines for all members of our Don Wright Faculty of Music Community.

Contact Information

Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) 
Catherine Nolan, PhD
working remotely; virtual office hour 12:30-1:30 via Zoom on Thursdays in October and November (except Oct. 29)

Graduate Program Assistant
Audrey Yardley-Jones
working in TC 216 Tuesdays 8:30-4:00; working remotely M,W,Th,F 8:30-4:00

Mailing address:
Graduate Program Assistant, Don Wright Faculty of Music
Talbot College room 216
Western University
London, Ontario N6A 3K7 Canada