The Don Wright Faculty of Music places great importance on helping graduate students finance their education. Annual Financial Support Packages are offered to eligible Music graduate students (5 terms for MMus and 3 terms for MA students, and 12 terms or 4 years for PhD and DMA students). Our Annual Financial Support Packages are provided to help offset the cost of tuition and ancillary fees and offer valuable educational experience to students.

Individual Annual Financial Support Packages are emailed by the Graduate Program Assistant to each fundable graduate student prior to the start of the academic year, and these outline the student’s financial support for the coming year. The Financial Support Package may include support from a Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS), external scholarship support (such as SSHRC or OGS), or employment such as a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) or Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA).

Western Graduate Research Scholarships (WGRS)

Eligible Master’s students may receive a merit-based scholarship award (Western Graduate Research Scholarship) that defrays some of the cost of tuition. To be eligible for funding upon admission, students must possess a minimum average of 78% (74% for the MMus in Literature and Performance).

Eligible doctoral students (PhD and DMA) receive funding at least equal to the cost of tuition, plus $13,000 from all sources. This funding package normally includes a Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS) plus a 1.0 Graduate Teaching Assistantship or equal support from other university employment such as a Graduate Student Assistantship.

To be eligible for a WGRS, students must be registered full-time, meet our program requirements for progression (including maintaining an average of at least 78%), and be within their funding period. (See SGPS Regulations—Financial Support 5.03.)

Students who hold an external scholarship (e.g., SSHRC or OGS) may have their WGRS adjusted. Students whose residency status changes at some point during their program of study may have their WGRS adjusted.

WGRS funding is applied directly to the student tuition account (see your Student Center) prior to the start of term and before tuition for the term is due. After tuition is paid, if there is an overage on the tuition account due to the student, the amount will be paid to the student via direct deposit (Electronic Fund Transfer) on the second Tuesday of each term (and then each Tuesday for the remainder of the term if other funds are awarded).

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The Don Wright Faculty of Music offers a number of Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) appointments to graduate students in order to support our undergraduate curricula.

A 1.0 GTA involves teaching-related duties averaging 10 hours per week. GTA appointments in Music cover a wide range of activities, including assisting with the delivery of undergraduate courses in music theory, musicology, open-enrolment courses available to non-music majors, and General Integrated Musicianship (aural skills and keyboard harmony); assisting in the delivery of undergraduate courses in music education, instrumental techniques, and choral techniques; assisting in the delivery of courses in performance, assisting with the major instrumental and choral ensembles, and assisting with the opera program.

The Don Wright Faculty of Music also offers a number of Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) appointments to qualified graduate students to assist in production or operational activities of the Faculty. GSA appointments may include support for the preparation of the Faculty’s public events or other activities.

Students repeatedly cite their experience as a Teaching Assistant as one of the most rewarding aspects of their graduate program.

Externally Funded Fellowships and Awards

OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) - $15,000

SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada) CGS Master’s (CGSM): $17,500

SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada) Doctoral Fellowship: $20,000

SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada) CGS Doctoral (CGSD):  $35,000

Eligible students are expected to apply for these external awards during their period of funding eligibility at Western. Details for each competition are provided by the office of the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) each year.

Additional Funding Sources

Donor Awards

The Don Wright Faculty of Music offers a range of awards to students made possible by the generous support of our donors. For a full list, please search under The Don Wright Faculty of Music here.

Conference Travel Support

Funding of up to $500.00 for travel to present a paper (or equivalent) at a conference or comparable event such as a professional workshop is available once per year. Funds are limited, so approvals will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into account any previous funding that the applicant has received from this fund. Because of the limited pool of funds, it may not be possible to fund all eligible applicants. Requests for funding should be submitted before attending the conference or comparable event.

  Conference Travel Support form

Global Opportunities Awards

The Global Opportunities Awards are $1,000 scholarships for international learning provided through generous donations matched by funding from Western. A number of donor-sponsored awards valued at $2,000 are also available. These scholarships enable more Western students to participate in exchanges, study abroad programs, international field courses, summer programs, international community engaged learning, field research, and more.

Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

SOGS offers a variety of programs to help students financially.

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