Concurrent Degrees

It is possible to combine the study of Music with another non-music subject. Students who are registered in Bachelor of Music can apply for permission to register concurrently in another Bachelor degree (ie. to focus on the study of a non-Music subject). It would take 5-6 years to complete both degrees with some overloading as well as taking summer courses. Tuition fees applicable to the professional degree would be paid for the years while in school completing these degrees.

Other opportunities to combine Music with other subjects are possible. A student at Western can study music as a module in a Bachelor of Arts program. These modules are academic in nature, consisting of non-performance courses (such as music theory and music history). The available music modules are: Honours Specialization (9 courses); Major (6 courses); or Minor in Music (4 courses). For more information, please visit our Bachelor of Arts in Music page.

Combined degrees in Music and Business, with the Ivey Business School, are available as well as a combined degree in Music Recording Arts with Fanshawe College. Concurrent degrees in music and psychology are supported through Western's Music, Cognition, and the Brain Initiative.

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