Faculty of Music

Admission & Auditions - List of Programs

Choosing a Program
You have more choices at Western than almost any other music faculty. All prospective students applying to an undergraduate program at Western must fill out the application through the Ontario Unversities Application Centre (OUAC). More details can be found on our How and When to Apply page.

A full listing of our undergraduate degree, diploma and certificate programs along with Academic Requirements can be seen here.

Please note that all courses may not be offered during the current academic year.

*Four-year programs typically require 20-22 full courses; three-year programs typically require 15 full courses.
**New applicants to this program must contact the Music Performance Department before applying.

Bachelor of Music

  • Music Education
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Music Composition
  • Music Performance

Bachelor of Musical Arts

  • Bachelor of Musical Arts
  • Bachelor of Musical Arts with Honors Music

Bachelor of Arts

  • Major/Minor
  • Honors Specialization in Music
  • Honors Specialization (major, minor)


opera photo

  • Music Performance Diploma
  • Artist Diploma

Contact Information

Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
Odilla Van Delinder
Phone: 519-661-2044
E-mail: ovandeli@uwo.ca

Recruitment Officer
Sasha Gorbasew
Phone: 519-661-2111, ext. 80532
E-mail: agorbase@uwo.ca

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Admissions & Programs)
Dr. John Cuciurean
E-mail: jcuciure@uwo.ca 

Academic Counsellor
Ms. Diane Mills
Phone: 519-661-2044
E-mail: pdmills@uwo.ca