Scholarships and Awards

The Don Wright Faculty of Music has numerous scholarships and awards with which to recognize and reward the achievements of our students. Last year the Faculty awarded more than $330,000 to both entering and continuing undergraduate music students. Additional merit based scholarships through the National Scholarship Program may be available to entering music students on a competitive basis.

Incoming Undergraduate Students

Western's Admission Scholarships are unlimited and automatically awarded upon admission. To be eligible, a student must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident and apply directly from high school to Western's main campus for full-time first year studies. Eligibility is based on the student's admission average, as calculated for admission purposes. The value is based on final marks and applied to the student's tuition account in September.

  • Continuing Admissions Scholarship (effective September 2012) Avg:95%+
    Value: $10,000 ($2,500/year for 4 years)

There are a limited number of these scholarships for music applicants and they are awarded based on a combination of high academic standing and an outstanding audition.

  • Western Scholarship of Excellence, 2011/12 Avg:90% and above
    Value: $2,000, 1 year

There are an unlimited number of these scholarships.

  • Western Scholarship of Distinction, 2011-12 Avg: 88-89.9%
    Value: $1,000, 1 year

There are an unlimited number of these scholarships

National Scholarship Program

These entrance scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. A candidate must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident and have a minimum academic average of 90%. For information visit the National Scholarship Program at the Registrar's Office.

The deadline for National Scholarships is February 14.

Other Entrance Awards

In addition to the unlimited Admission Scholarships listed above, the Don Wright Faculty of Music offers a limited number of awards primarily based on the audition performance. To be eligible the student must perform a live audition. These awards have been established in co-operation with alumni, private donors and corporations to recognize the achievements of music students. These awards are usually combined with the Admission Scholarship Program and are determined by the Don Wright Faculty of Music's Scholarships Committee. Applicants do not apply for specific awards, although it is helpful if they complete an application for financial assistance in order to be considered for needs- based awards.

Gordon Jeffrey Awards for String Students

Nearly 60% of all incoming string students receive financial support through the Gordon Jeffery Awards for Strings and Chamber Music, ranging from $4,000 to $16,000 across 4 years.
Transfer students, international students as well as Artist Diploma students are eligible for support through the Jeffrey Fund.


Several performance competitions with financial prizes take place during the academic year.


Bursaries are non-repayable grants that are awarded by Western on the basis of financial need.

Work Study

Western’s Work Study program offers an opportunity for students to work part-time on campus in jobs that accommodate their studies.

First Generation Students (FGS)

A student is a FGS if both parents have not attended a postsecondary institution. Western recognizes that FGS students face different challenges from those students whose parents attended University and, in order to address those challenges, Western has a number of helpful resources in place for you.

Transfer Students

Western offers six Transfer Student Scholarships, in late September to the six students transferring from another post-secondary institution who have achieved the highest academic average. It is awarded automatically based on your admission average.

International Students

Western offers a number of bursaries and awards that are designated specifically for international students. These awards range in value and include scholarships based on a demonstrated need, as well as awards connected to specific countries of origin. To explore these awards, please visit the Office of the Registrar Student Awards database and enter "International Students" in the search bar. All International Student applicants are eligible for scholarships offered by the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Current Undergraduate Students

A number of scholarships are available to undergraduate students in course. They vary in amount and some are specific to programs, instrument and year of study. Postings will go up in the Music Faculty in October and the deadline to apply for these is September 30. You can contact Odilla Van Delinder for more information.