Concurrent Degrees in Music and Psychology

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Recent years have seen growing interest in music psychology, both in academia and in the general public. Western University includes internationally recognized professors in the neuroscience of music, hearing science, music education, and cognitive music theory. And as part of Western’s Music, Cognition, and the Brain Initiative, we are developing new opportunities for undergraduate and graduate training in this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Outstanding students can explore both areas through concurrent undergraduate degrees in music and psychology. Students in this pathway will earn a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. These students can also attend Seminar Talks and participate in other events related to the Music, Cognition, and the Brain Initiative. Any area of study in music—music education, music performance, music research, and so forth—can be combined with psychology, and each student’s pathway through the concurrent degrees is customized, in consultation with academic counsellors and faculty members associated with the Initiative.

Western offers various ways to combine studies in music and other fields. For example, students can combine a major in music with a major or minor in psychology, or a major in psychology with a major or minor in music. For more information, please visit our Concurrent Degrees page and our Bachelor of Arts in Music page. To find out more about studying music and psychology at Western, please contact Dr. John Cuciurean, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Admissions and Programs); Diane Mills, Academic Counsellor; or Jonathan De Souza, Director of the Music, Cognition, and the Brain Initiative.