Bachelor of Music


If you want a program with studio lessons and ensemble participation, apply to the Bachelor of Music program. 

Please visit General Program Information for the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Musical Arts for more information.

The first year for all Bachelor of Music students includes courses in Music Theory, Music History, Music Skills (Sight-singing, Ear-training, and Keyboard Harmony), a half-course in music composition, teaching & learning, or popular music & culture, a half-course music or non-music elective and a half-course elective from outside the Don Wright Faculty of Music. Bachelor of Music students also receive weekly hour-long lessons plus regular masterclasses and ensemble experience.

In the Bachelor of Music programs, a specific area of study is normally selected towards the end of the first year, when the student has had the opportunity to assess particular strengths and interests.

In all programs the core subjects - Music Theory, Music History, Music Skills - continue in the second year; the third and fourth years are the period of the greatest concentration in the specific area of study.

Performance study continues through the graduation year in all Bachelor of Music programs. In the Bachelor of Musical Arts program, up to two years of performance may be elected.

Bachelor of Music (BMus) with Honors in:

The new *BMus Honours in Music Research - effective September 2020 - reflects the diversity of music scholarship today. A single stream of courses permits upper-level students to choose flexibly from offerings in music history, music theory, and popular music studies.

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