Audition Process/Requirements


  • All applicants must have applied to Western through the Ontario Universities Application Centre ( 
  • Use your newly assigned student ID to complete our online audition registration (available late fall).
  • Ensure that proper forms are received by February 15, see forms below.

Audition dates:

Auditions will take place on the following dates:

February 20, 21, 22, 2020
March 7, 28, 2020
April 4, 2020

Certain instruments or programs will be auditioned on certain dates. We will be in touch by email to confirm your audition date and to provide your audition time.

Recorded Auditions

Once you have applied through the Ontario Universities Application Centre ( we will be in touch with you regarding supplementary forms, request for audition and finalizing your audition day and time. Contact the Admissions Assistant at any time for further information.

Email: Phone: 519-661-2044

Audition Fee

Once in the audition registration area you can pay the $60 audition fee by credit card, which will complete your audition registration. (Coming soon!)

Applicants who are not able to book and pay for an audition using our online system should contact to request a paper (by mail or in person) or PDF (by email) form. If submitting a form by mail, cheques or money orders should be made payable to Western University. Payment must be received before an audition or interview can be scheduled (regardless of whether the applicant chooses to bring their own accompanist or use a provided accompanist).


Applicants should ensure the faculty has received the following by February 15:

  • Two Letter of Recommendation forms should be sent to us directly. If the person completing your Letter of Recommendation is unable to complete the form online, contact to request a paper (by mail or in person) or PDF (by email) form.
  • Questionnaire – Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Musical Arts applicants
  • Questionnaire – BA Popular Music Studies applicants only
  • Questionnaire – BA Music Administrative Studies applicants only

Please note that conservatory certificates are not required. Nevertheless, conservatory grades do give some indication of the expected level. For most instruments, Grade VIII is the expected level; for piano, most successful applicants have achieved at least the Grade IX level.

What to Expect at Your Audition

Audition Day - Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University

Meet a few students, faculty and staff at the Don Wright Faculty of Music to walk you through what to expect at your admissions audition at Western.

  • The Audition Day normally starts by meeting the co-ordinators of the day in the Atrium on the main floor of Talbot College and signing in.
  • Directions and maps may be accessed here.
  • Applicants are given the opportunity to warm up and/or meet with their accompanist.
  • Applicants may provide their own accompanist, or arrange in advance to have one provided by the Faculty by indicating so as part of the audition registration process (see above).
  • Applicants are generally auditioned by two members of the faculty, and the audition will include a brief interview.

What to Play at Your Audition

Repertoire and technique requirements by instrument or program:

Theory Placement Test

All applicants are required to take an online Theory Placement Test preferably before the day of their audition. The purpose of the test is twofold: firstly, to ensure that the student is registered in the appropriate theory course for first year (which might include a remedial correspondence course in the summer prior to first year) and secondly, as a part of the overall assessment for admission. If necessary, the test may be written on the audition day.

Approximately one-third of the Theory Placement Test is devoted to ear-training questions. The remaining parts of the test cover rudiments, harmony and voice leading, figured bass, and questions about phrase structure and simple forms. To prepare, students should review the content in the related conservatory theory rudiments for the expected grade level of their instrument (listed above).

Applicants are asked to take the online Theory Placement Test by their audition day.

Piano Proficiency Requirement

Grade 6 piano proficiency required before degree completion (Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Musical Arts only).

To meet this requirement students must:

     A) present a conservatory piano certificate of Grade 6 or higher
     B) or take a piano proficiency examination at the Don Wright Faculty of Music. 

  • The examination will require two contrasting pieces (memorization not required) taken from the Grade 6 (RCM) repertoire and technical tests. 
  • Studies are not required. 
  • Piano proficiency examinations are normally scheduled for September, December and April.
  • To sign up for an examination in September, December or April please visit the Main Office (Talbot College 210).

Applicants for whom piano is not the principal instrument and who have little or no knowledge of the piano are urged to prepare for the piano requirement as early as possible, preferably before admission to the Faculty.

Recorded Auditions

Applicants are expected to audition in person, but those living outside Ontario, or by special permission, may send a DVD or Private YouTube or Vimeo link, prepared according to the following conditions:

  • The audition must be recorded on DVD or Private YouTube or Vimeo link and of high quality.
  • The audition must be completed in one session and the recording must remain unedited.

The recording should be accompanied by a certificate which states that:

  1. The performer is the applicant
  2. The audition was completed in one session, and
  3. The recording is unedited.

This certificate must be signed by a responsible person, other than the applicant, who was present during the taping.

Please send the recorded audition to:

Odilla Van Delinder
Don Wright Faculty of Music
Talbot College Room 210
Western University
1151 Richmond St.
London, Ontario
N6A 3K7

Contact Us

For more information on the Undergraduate Admission Process, please contact:

Odilla Van Delinder
Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
Phone: 519-661-2044


Sasha Gorbasew
Recruitment Co-ordinator
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 80532

By mail:

Don Wright Faculty of Music
Talbot College Room 210
Western University
1151 Richmond St.
London, Ontario
N6A 3K7