BA, Specialization in Music Administrative Studies

This program, the only one of its kind in Canada, prepares students for management positions in various fields within the music industry, such as, music publishing, instrument manufacturing, music/arts management, production and distribution of recorded music, manufacturing of electronic music equipment, and the marketing of music products. Scholarships for the MAS program have been generously donated by Universal Music Canada, Warner Music Canada, and the Music Industries Association of Canada.

The degree, jointly offered by the Department of Music Research and Composition and the Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) program of the Faculty of Social Science, combines central elements of both programs to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere for the study of music management. A core of 8.5 courses from the MOS program and 7.5 courses from Music forms the backbone of the degree, and a further 4.0 courses of electives (usually taken as 8 separate one-term courses) allows students the opportunity to customize the degree so that they may gain further expertise in one or more areas.

Applications from people with both ‘classical’ and ‘pop’ backgrounds are welcome. Through electives, students may customize the program to concentrate on either popular music or classical music or they may blend the two areas together.

MOS core: Economics, statistics, organizational behaviour, accounting, business analysis, finance, marketing, operations.

Music core: Music theory, sight singing and ear training, music history, plus various options.

Electives: Create a ‘mini’ specialization in popular music, classical music, film, writing, etc., or broaden your expertise in a number of areas.

Even though the Music Administrative Studies program includes no performance requirements, a background in either classical or popular music idioms is expected.

Visit the Western Academic Calendar for Program Requirements and Information.

Admission Requirements

Completion of six approved Grade 12U/M credits, including English (ENG4U), and one of the following: Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U), or Math of Data Management (MDM4U).

Admission/Interview Process

The Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Music Administrative Studies, does not include studio lessons in the degree requirements, but applicants are expected to have strong musical background in either pop or classical music and classical experience equivalent at least to Grade 8 conservatory level. After applying through the Ontario Universities Application Centre ( Applicants are required to:

  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Provide two letter of recommendation forms
  • Complete the Music Theory Assessment prior to an interview. All applicants are required to take an online Music Theory Assessment before their audition. The assessment covers music rudiments: scales, key signatures, rhythm, meter, intervals, triads, seventh chords, and inversions. The purpose of this assessment is to determine preparedness for first-year music theory. Applicants who struggle with the material covered on the assessment will be encouraged to do preparatory work in basic music theory before entering the program.
  • Interview. All applicants will be scheduled for a live or virtual interview.
  • Send one week before your interview. Applicants must provide evidence of their background and experience performing music. Applicants are asked to prepare and post a recording to YouTube or Vimeo demonstrating their playing ability. Send the link to with the subject line "MAS audition recording, <your name>". If the pop or classical applicant has a Conservatory certificate of at least Conservatory Level 8, the recorded performance requirement may be waived and only the interview would be required.

Applicants must prepare their recorded video performance, as either a 'classical' or 'pop' musician, Hands and face must be clearly visible in the video. Recorded video performance requirements for the pop and classical options are as follows:

Classical audition requirements
One minimum Conservatory Level 8 classical composition.

Pop Music audition requirements
One POP piece on any instrument as per the POP instrument requirements at the link above.