Popular Music Studies Audition/Interview Requirements

Prepare one recorded pop piece on any instrument.

Please see our guidelines on how to prepare and send a recorded audition.

The backing track for a solo must not contain the solo you intend to play. In other words, do not play along with a pre-recorded solo. Guitarists may use effects pedals for their solo. Drummers must play to pre-recorded tracks that do not have drums on them.

The backing track for the song must not contain the vocal you intend to sing. In other words, do not sing along with a pre-recorded vocal.

Laptop Musicians, Songwriters and Producers
Students who are interested in modern electronic musicianship and laptop production and performance — e.g. laptop performance modalities, songwriting and production — are encouraged to submit one or more audio recordings that demonstrate their skills in lieu of the performance requirements specified above for instruments and voice. Links to YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify pages are acceptable, as are .wav or .aiff files.

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