Henry Cobb Howes, Bachelor of Music


Evelyn Vanderhoof, Bachelor of Arts


Steven Wolfe, Bachelor of Musical Arts


Brian Marshall, Music Recording Arts program


Siobhan Waldock, Bachelor of Music


Paulina Zuczek, Bachelor of Arts



breen Julianne Breen, BMus

“I came to Western eager to learn and develop as a musician as well as a music educator. I quickly realized that the faculty is bursting with learning opportunities. My experiences inside and outside the classroom have been invaluable to my professional development. It is a true joy to learn in such a professional, yet supportive environment.”

lanooy Samantha Lanooy, BMus (Music & Ivey)

“I have always had a passion for music and business and the Don Wright Faculty of Music offers the perfect program to fulfill both of my academic goals. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to attend both the Don Wright Faculty of Music and the Ivey Business School. The endlessly helpful and enthusiastic faculty was a bonus to my commitment to the program.”

makinen Tyler Mäkinen, BMus (Music History)

While an undergraduate student at Western, Tyler conducted several of his own research projects, including one on Italian composer Ferruccio Busoni. Tyler examined the composer’s innovations in keyboard notation in line with recent research findings in music psychology. Specifically, he determined whether the innovations presented workable solutions to the problems Busoni thought traditional notation faced when confronted with heavily chromatic and atonal music. He concluded the composer was, in fact, successful. For an additional research project, relied on the Music Library’s expansive and impressive Gustav Mahler - Alfred Rosé Collection. He examined the unique, original manuscripts and scores of Mahler housed within Western’s collection and undertook an extensive comparison with scans of those held by the New York Philharmonic.

mcbean Katie McBean, BMus

“I was well aware of Western's strong reputation for academics and musical talent. What I didn't know was how inspiring all the people here are – professors, staff and my peers. Every day I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent people with an energy that is immensely contagious.”

sallows Errington Sallows, BMus

“After endless guidance counsellor appointments, researching university websites, and then going to visit the campuses, the friendly, family-like atmosphere I saw at Western is what drew me here and sealed the deal.”

schindler Jake Schindler, BMus (Music Education)

“What I appreciate most is the range of expertise of the faculty. Being exposed to great conductors and band directors, as well as digging into the psychology and philosophy of music education has given me the breadth of knowledge I need to be a successful music educator. Western has also played a huge role in helping me make connections in the community through teaching, music directing, and student leadership opportunities. As a young musician and educator, I'm grateful for the knowledge, support, and freedom the Don Wright Faculty of Music has been able to give me throughout my undergrad.”

zhong Jerry Zhong, BMus

“From all the schools I looked at, Western caught my attention the most, not just because of the faculty and campus they promoted, but the attitude. I knew that this school had the right mindset and was the optimal choice for anyone aspiring to become a music educator.”