Music Recording Arts

The Music Recording Arts (MRA) program is a 5 year, compressed, collaborative program offered by the Don Wright Faculty of Music and Fanshawe College. Students in their second year of the general Bachelor of Music program are eligible to apply for the Music Recording Arts program. Successful graduates of the program will receive a Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree from Western and a two-year Ontario College Diploma in Music Industry Arts (MIA) from Fanshawe College.

Hear from recent graduate Charlie Kramers on his experience in the MRA program:
Music recording arts grad ‘wouldn’t change a thing’ - Combined program fueled friendships, a funk band and Charlie Kramers' fondness for jazz (article via Western News, October 19, 2022)


Program Description

Year 1
5.0 courses + Ensemble, UWO

Year 2
5.0 courses + Ensemble, UWO

Year 3
MIA – Level 1, Fanshawe
MIA – Level 2, Fanshawe
1.5 courses, UWO

Year 4
5.5 courses, UWO

Year 5
MIA – Level 3, Fanshawe
MIA – Level 4, Fanshawe
1.0 course, UWO


First and Second Year

Regular program (see details)

Third Year

1.5 courses from any Faculty.

Fourth Year

2.5 courses at the 2000 level or above from the Faculty of Music.
1.5 courses from the Faculty of Music.
1.5 courses from a Faculty other than Music.

Fifth Year

1.0 course from any Faculty

Note: In the Bachelor of Music program, no more than 8.0 courses may be numbered 1000-1999.


Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the BMus program at Western, which include an audition and an interview.

Up to ten students will be admitted to the collaborative MRA program each year. Students will apply for admission at the end of the second year of the BMus program. Final date for application to the MRA program shall be March 31. Students will be evaluated for admission based on their academic standing, an interview, and a supplemental portfolio, by a joint committee from the two institutions. Attainment of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the MRA program. Entry to the collaborative program is competitive. The joint admissions committee will review requests for admission on a case-by-case basis.

Those students not offered a place in the MRA collaborative program may continue in the BMus program, provided they meet academic progression requirements, or may apply to the Fanshawe College diploma program in Music Industry Arts, through OCAS.


Academic Requirements

Beginning in year 3, students must maintain an overall weighted average of 70% with no more than 1.0 unsatisfactory course attempts in any given academic year.



If, after Year 3, students wish to withdraw from the MRA program and continue only in the BMus program, they will be permitted to progress into the fourth year of the BMus program provided they have met the progression requirements.

If, after year 4, students wish to withdraw from either the Fanshawe or Western portions of the degree/diploma, they should consult their respective institution to determine which credits may be applied in a transfer to another program within one of the participating institutions.


Registration Status

MRA is a full-time program only. Part-time status is not permitted. With special permission from the Don Wright Faculty of Music, students may enroll in up to 1.0 summer courses from Western between years three and four of the program and up to 1.0 courses from Western between years four and five of the program.

Should a student exercise the summer course option described above, tuition fees are assessed as normal with no incremental tuition for the summer course.

Students are full-time Western students in first, second and fourth year and will pay Western’s ancillary fees. Students in those years will have all the benefits associated with such status, such as Western’s Student Health Plan, Recreational Facilities, access to other facilities and bus passes etc. In year four of the program, when students are full-time at Western, they will be registered as part-time at Fanshawe.

In years three and five, MRA students will be registered as full-time at Fanshawe and pay Fanshawe’s ancillary fees. During that time, MRA students will also be registered part-time at Western. Students in years three and five will have all benefits associated with full time status at Fanshawe including Student Health Plan, Recreational Facilities, access to other facilities and bus passes etc. Western will continue to record these students as full time for transcript purposes but part time for administrative purposes.


Fee Structure

Year 1:  at Western, charged by Western ‘regular’ fees
Year 2:  at Western, charged by Western ‘regular’ fees
Year 3:  at Fanshawe, charged by Fanshawe (check fee schedule)
Year 4:  at Western, charged by Western (check fee schedule)
Year 5:  at Fanshawe, charged by Fanshawe (check fee schedule)

For current fees, see Undergraduate Combined at:

Keep in mind that you will be getting 6 years of school across these 5 years and will receive 2 degrees.


Advice from Students in the Program

Where to live
Live in London, this is not a program for which a student can easily commute. The ideal location to live is someplace that has direct bus access to both schools. Some students recommend the area around Oxford and Richmond because you can take a bus either direction.

In year 3 you take 1.5 courses at Western as well as MIA levels 1 and 2 at Fanshawe. Students advise taking 1.0 courses at Western during first term and .5 during second term because the Fanshawe program is heavier during term 2. Keep in mind that you can also take summer school at Western between years 3 and 4 or 4 and 5 for no extra fee. Studio hours at Fanshawe go round the clock and regular classes begin at 8 am.

Either live on the bus line for both schools or have access to a car.

Hear directly from a student about his experiences in the program.

Contact Information

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Admissions & Programs)
Dr. John Cuciurean
519-661-2111 x85333

Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
Odilla Van Delinder

Recruitment Officer
Sasha Gorbasew
519-661-2111 x80532

Academic Counsellor
Ms. Diane Mills