Performance Diploma Programs

The One-Year Artist Diploma program is offered to students who have previously completed a Bachelor of Music degree or its equivalent. Applicants must also demonstrate a performance level of at least a Conservatory Associate standard, and show evidence of exceptional performance ability. New applicants to the One-Year Artist Diploma program who are new to Western University should contact the Recruitment Officer, Sasha Gorbasew, before applying. Students already at Western who plan to graduate this year and would like to audition for this program should contact the Music Performance Studies Department, during the Intent to Register period.

The Music Performance Diploma is a three-year program designed for students who are also concurrently enrolled in a non-music degree. The program is flexible and permits students to focus exclusively on music study. It offers weekly one-hour lessons. Although diploma holders represent performers of high artistic achievement, graduate schools generally require an academic degree as well. Students already at Western should contact Diane Mills, during the Intent to Register period.

Both the One-Year Artist Diploma and Three-Year Music Performance Diploma programs allow the student to concentrate on performance study, with a wide range of music electives.  

Admission to the Artist Diploma and Music Performance Diploma Programs

Auditions will be adjudicated in April by a panel of faculty from the Department of Music Performance Studies. Auditions for both programs will be scheduled at 15-minute intervals. Admission requirements and performance levels are outlined in the Academic Calendar.

Audition Requirements for the Music Performance Diploma Program


  • 3 solo pieces from different periods
  • Memorization is required

Orchestral Instruments

  • 2 contrasting pieces
  • No memorization required


  • Material from different periods
  • Languages: English plus any two French, German or Italian
  • Memorization is required, except for Oratorio arias

Academic requirements for the Music Performance Diploma.


Audition Requirements for the One-Year Artist Diploma


  • 3 pieces from different periods
  • Memorization will be required effective September 2013

Collaborative Piano

  • One movement of piano/violin/instrumental sonata
  • One piano/voice selection
  • Piano solo piece

Orchestral Instruments

  • 2 contrasting pieces plus orchestral excerpts equivalent to 3rd year performance (Music 3921)
  • No memorization required


  • 1 opera aria in Italian
  • 1 oratorio aria in any language
  • 3 art songs showing a variety of musical styles and periods
  • One each in French, German and English
  • Memorization is required, except for Oratorio arias

Academic requirements for the One-Year Artist Diploma.

Contact Information

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Admissions & Programs)
Dr. John Cuciurean
519-661-2111 x85333

Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
Odilla Van Delinder

Recruitment Officer
Sasha Gorbasew
519-661-2111 x80532

Academic Counsellor
Ms. Diane Mills