Kaleidoscope of Creativity: Tornadoes, Oceans and Climate

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Friday, Mar. 1, 2024 | 7–9:30pm
Music Building and Talbot College

Concurrent events and performances throughout Music Building and Talbot College
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Concert and Panel Discussion in von Kuster Hall
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Sharon Wei

Northern Tornadoes Project and Western Music

Friday, March 1 | 7–9:30pm
Music Building and Talbot College


Experience a Musical Gallery inspired by Western University's Northern Tornadoes Project and other weather and nature-inspired research. Graduate composition students will be collaborating with engineers from NTP and faculty from Music Performance Studies. Marine biologist Paul Mensink contributes with experiential augmented-reality and virtual-reality exhibits. Interactive painting is planned alongside performances of compositions from David Ludwig, Joshua Roman and The Tempo Project's Lucy Jones. After the gallery, join us in von Kuster Hall for a concert and panel discussion.

Performances and Events

2024-03-01-kaleidoscope-brochure-thumb150x212.jpg7–8pm | Music Building and Talbot College

Various locations throughout the Don Wright Faculty of Music will be transformed into a gallery that features music inspired by the data collected by the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) as well as other weather and nature-inspired pieces.

pdf-icon.jpgEvents program (PDF) | pdf-icon.jpgEvent map (PDF)
pdf-icon.jpgEvent brochure (PDF, 7M)

TORNADOES 7pm and 7:30pm | von Kuster Hall
Western Music graduate composer musical works inspired by the Northern Tornadoes Project
7–8pm | MB 140 (across from von Kuster Hall)
SASAH student works inspired by the
Northern Tornadoes Project
OCEANS 7pm | 7:15 | 7:30 | 7:45 | Studio 242
Virtual reality and live music experience from
Faculty of Science teaching fellow Paul Mensink
7–8pm | MB 241 (next to Studio 242)
SASAH student works inspired by
Paul Mensink’s VR experience
WATER 7–8pm | Talbot College Atrium
Marine biologist Paul Mensink presents an immersive, augmented reality experience
7pm | 7:20 | 7:40 | MB 227
Music from seismologist Lucy Jones’ Tempo Project: In Nomine Terra Calens
Music inspired by storms and tornadoes by David Ludwig and Joshua Roman

Concert and Panel Discussion

8:15pm | von Kuster Hall
pdf-icon.jpgView concert program (PDF)

The evening continues in von Kuster Hall. Join us for a concert of world premiere performances of musical works inspired by the Northern Tornadoes Project, from Don Wright Faculty of Music graduate composers Emily Hiemstra, Joyce Lee, Neda Samavati, and Ryan Duffy.

Planned performances include: 

  • Viola quartet (Western Music students Ludmilla Kraneck, Miriam Elsawi, Tasman Tantasawat, Zach Guo; violas)
  • Cello and piano duo (faculty members Thomas Wiebe and Angela Park)
  • Saxophone Duo (students Liam Bird, alto; Danielle McAfee, baritone)
  • Faculty trio (Jana Starling, bass clarinet; Aaron Hodgson, trumpet and flugelhorn, Denis Jiron, trombone)

A panel discussion follows with Greg Kopp, ImpactWX Chair in Severe Storms Engineering and NTP lead researcher; seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones who is also the founder of Tempo: Music for Climate Action; and Kevin Mooney from the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Lastly, the evening culminates with an uplifting performance of Beethoven's Symphony no. 6 “Pastoral” in F major Op. 68 arranged for string sextet (Scott St. John and Yvonne Lam, violins; Annemarie Moorcroft and Sharon Wei, violas; Zachary Mowitz and Mischa Meyer, cellos) 

Events and performances subject to change without notice.

Special thanks to the first-year SASAH students for their significant contributions to this event.

Banner photo credit: Travis Farncombe


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Sharon Wei