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Undergraduate Students

Odilla Van Delinder
Undergraduate Admissions Assistant


Undergraduate Program Information

Claire Naudi
Undergraduate Program Assistant

Music Education

Music Research and Composition

Catherine Fraser

Undergraduate Program Assistant

Music Performance

The Don Wright Faculty of Music Student Services area (Talbot College Room 210) offers academic counselling, services and support to all undergraduate Music students. 

This office is responsible for the following:

  • Confidential discussion regarding personal, medical or religious issues that affect performance and what accommodation is available
  • Advice about eligibility for the various degrees and modules offered
  • Assistance in interpreting academic policies and procedures
  • Processing of recommendations from departments such as special permissions
  • Assistance with registration procedures
  • Scholarship inquiries
  • Assistance and processing of forms including those required for withdrawal from the Faculty or University
  • Letter of Permission inquiries


To ensure that students receive the most accurate, current academic program information and advice, the appropriate advisor should be consulted.

Undergraduate Counselling

  • Incoming Students
  • Current Year 1 Students
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours Specialization in Music or Major in Music) Students
  • General Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music (Honours) Students

Please consult the Faculty of Music’s Academic Counsellor, Diane Mills and the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Admissions and Programs. Appointments may be made through Odilla Van Delinder at or 519-661-2044.

Undergraduate Programs Counselling

  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (Composition, Music Education, Music Research, or Performance (Orchestral Instrument, Piano, or Voice)) Students
  • Bachelor of Arts (Specialization in Music Administrative Studies or Major in Popular Music Studies) Students

Once a student has been admitted to a specific program, the Chair of the student’s degree program becomes their academic advisor.

To make an appointment, contact one of the following:

  • Claire Naudi, Undergraduate Program Assistant, at 519-661-2111 x85332
  • Catherine Fraser, Undergraduate Program Assistant, at 519-661-2111 x85402

or email by degree program:

  • Music Education:
  • Music Performance Studies (including the One-Year Artist Diploma and Minor in Music Performance Studies):
  • Music Research and Composition (Composition and Music Research) and including the BA programs in Music Administrative Studies and Popular Music Studies:

Accommodation for Medical Illness – Undergraduate Students

Please view the Policy found here:  Academic Calendar - Western University (

See also "Deferrals & Accommodation for Medical Illness" in the MPS Handbook.