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September 3, 2020 – Effective until further notice, the Student Services Area (TC 210) will be closed to in-person appointments and drop-in visits. There will, however, be someone in either TC210, TC 211 and/or TC 212 during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm) to answer the door for emergency purposes and/or to receive deliveries.

The decision to close our doors for the start of classes was not an easy one and we understand that this may cause some of you anxiety. Like you, the Student Services area would like nothing more than to be able to return to normal and welcome you all face to face in the office. But these are not normal times. The decision to close the office was driven by Health & Safety issues and the requirement to be in compliance with the Middlesex-London Health Unit's directives.

Continuing the practice we established this past summer, during regular office hours Student Services staff will be available and accepting appointments by phone, email or Zoom to assist you with academic counselling, services, and support, regardless of whether the staff member assisting you is working remotely or in the office that day.

Instructions will be posted by the first week of classes on the main door to TC210 concerning what to do when you arrive. There will also be a phone number posted on the door that you can call to help you determine what to do next or who to contact for help remotely. If there is someone in the office, they will be able to answer your call. If not, please leave a voice mail and it will immediately be sent by email to all of the staff members. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If it is necessary for you to enter the office for a specific reason, you will find "stand here" indicators on the carpet where visitors can stand and talk to staff while ensuring proper social distancing. Please observe and follow these signs.

If you need to drop off a form, whenever possible, please submit all documents electronically to reduce the risk of transmission of the corona virus. This includes Student Medical Certificates. If it is a document that you cannot scan/email or a document that requires a signature, then contact the staff member you are expecting to receive it in advance  to make arrangements concerning how the drop-off and pick-up your form.

Similar arrangements will be required to collect mail from the TC210 mailboxes for students or student groups who do not have a key access to their mailboxes from the hallway.

Instructors have been advised that students will NOT be permitted to hand in or collect assignments, essays, etc, at the main office. Rather, instructors have been advised to use OWL or some other suitable method for this purpose. So please do not submit any course work to the office, including sliding papers under the office door in the hope that it will find its way to the correct instructor because it probably won’t.If you arrive at TC210 and are in emotional/mental distress, you should refer to the Health and Wellness at Western webpage for a complete list of options about how to obtain help. Students in crisis in need of immediate care should go directly to Student Health Services in UC11 or to click on the green “I Need Help Now” button on the Health and Wellness webpage above.

If you require the services of Accessible Education, Writing Support Centre, Learning Development & Success, or Transition, Leadership & Enrichment, please note that their plans are to provide ongoing support and service to students virtually as well. While they will continue to work remotely and their offices will not be open for physical visits, the teams have been busy over the summer making plans to ensure that resources, appointments, and other supports continue to be available.

In addition to implementing a Live Chat feature on Western's Academic Support website, you may also want to check out the Digital Student Experience website to learn more about online supports.

Additional COVID-19-related info may be found at the links below. You are encouraged to read these pages before classes start and check them periodically throughout the semester since some posted information may change as new information becomes available.


COVID-19 Health & Safety

COVID-19 Changes to Library Services

The Don Wright Faculty of Music Student Services area (Talbot College Room 210) offers academic counselling, services and support to all undergraduate Music students.

This office is responsible for the following:

  • Confidential discussion regarding personal, medical or religious issues that affect performance and what accommodation is available
  • Advice about eligibility for the various degrees and modules offered
  • Assistance in interpreting academic policies and procedures
  • Processing of recommendations from departments such as special permissions
  • Assistance with registration procedures
  • Scholarship inquiries
  • Assistance and processing of forms including those required for withdrawal from the Faculty or University
  • Letter of Permission inquiries


To ensure that students receive the most accurate, current academic program information and advice, the appropriate advisor should be consulted.

Undergraduate Counselling

  • Incoming Students
  • Current Year 1 Students
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours Specialization in Music or Major in Music) Students
  • General Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music (Honours) Students

Please consult the Faculty of Music’s Academic Counsellor, Diane Mills and the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Admissions and Programs. Appointments may be made through Odilla Van Delinder at or 519-661-2044.

Undergraduate Programs Counselling

  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (Composition, Music Education, Music History, Music Theory, Music Research, or Performance (Orchestral Instrument, Piano, or Voice)) Students
  • Bachelor of Arts (Specialization in Music Administrative Studies or Major in Popular Music Studies) Students

Once a student has been admitted to a specific program, the Chair of the student’s degree program becomes their academic advisor.

To make an appointment, contact either of the Undergraduate Program Assistants:

  • Amanda Costella at 519-661-2111 x85332
  • Catherine Fraser at 519-661-2111 x85402

or email by degree program:

  • Music Education:
  • Music Performance Studies (including the One-Year Artist Diploma and Music Performance Diploma (Three-Year Program)):
  • Music Research and Composition (Composition, Music History, Music Theory, Music Research) and including the BA programs in Music Administrative Studies and Popular Music Studies:

Academic Consideration for Student Absences Policy

For the remainder of the Winter 2021 term (excluding the final exam period), undergraduate students who require academic consideration for missed work because of extenuating circumstances will be able to access two (2) additional Self-Reported Absence (SRA) reports, provided they meet the other conditions for use of an SRA. This emergency measure is being put in place to help address challenges students are facing in obtaining medical and other documentation during the pandemic. It is in place only for the remainder of the Winter 2021 term.

This increase means students have a total of four (4) SRA reports for the 2020-21 academic year (September to April).

To use the SRA the absence can be no more than 48 hours in duration, and the assessment for which consideration is being sought is worth 30% or less of the student’s final grade. Students are expected to contact their instructors within 24 hours of the end of the period of the self-reported absence, unless noted on the syllabus.

Students are not able to use the self-reporting option in the following circumstances:

  • for exams scheduled by the Office of the Registrar (e.g., December and April exams)
  • absence of a duration greater than 48 hours,
  • assessments worth more than 30% of the student’s final grade,
  • if a student has already used the self-reporting portal twice during the academic year

If the conditions for a Self-Reported Absence are not met, students will need to provide a Student Medical Certificate (SMC) if the absence is medical, or provide appropriate documentation if there are compassionate grounds for the absence in question. Students are encouraged to contact their Faculty academic counselling office to obtain more information about the relevant documentation.

Students should also note that individual instructors are not permitted to receive documentation directly from a student, whether in support of an application for consideration on medical grounds, or for other reasons. All documentation required for absences that are not covered by the Self-Reported Absence Policy must be submitted to the Academic Counselling office.

Documentation from Family Physicians and Walk-In Clinics
If a  Student Medical Certificate (SMC) is required,  students seeking medical treatment from a family physician or walk-in clinic should request an SMC be completed at the time of the initial consultation. Students are advised that family physicans or walk-in clinics may charge a fee to complete this form.

Documentation from Student Health Services
If a  Student Medical Certificate (SMC) is required, students seeking medical treatment from Student Health Services should request an SMC be completed at the time of the initial appointment. Students are advised that Student Health Services charges a $20 fee for completing an an SMC.

Documentation from Hospital Urgent Care Centres or Emergency Departments
If a  Student Medical Certificate (SMC) is required, students who require emergency medical treatment should request an SMC be completed at the time of the initial Emergency Department visit.Where it is not possible for a student to have an SMC completed by the attending physician, the student must request alternative Emergency Department documentation sufficient to demonstrate that his/her ability to meet his/her academic responsibilities was seriously affected.

See also "Deferrals & Accommodation for Medical Illness" in the MPS Handbook.