Xi Li

DMA Student
Performance - Solo Piano
Office: TC 332
Email: xli3268@uwo.ca

Xi Li (she/they) is a dedicated classical pianist currently enrolled in the Doctor of Musical Arts Program at Western University in Canada, where she also specializes in music cognition under the guidance of Stéphan Sylvestre.

Her profound commitment to accessible piano education stems from her own journey as an individual on the autism spectrum, navigating the world of music. She is passionately engaged in developing teaching methods tailored to neurodiverse students, particularly those who share her experience on the autism spectrum. Xi believes that music serves as both a means of communication and a powerful tool for neurodiverse individuals to express themselves. It acts as a bridge that connects people from diverse backgrounds, fostering unity.

In her pursuit of piano performance, Xi is determined in crafting a unique musical style that seamlessly integrates cultural influences with her distinct identity, making it accessible and captivating for audiences of all backgrounds.

Xi's musical journey commenced in China under the tutelage of Professors Minghui Li and Danwen Wei. She continued her studies at Bowling Green State University under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Satterlee. Additionally, Xi had the privilege of studying with Dr. Tibor Szász and Professor Gilead Mishory at Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg im Breisgau before her arrival in Canada. She has successfully given solo piano recitals and collaborative performances in Canada, the USA, and China.

At present, her primary area of focus lies in the intriguing intersection of politics and piano performance within the Chinese landscape. Specifically, she seeks to unravel the potential impact of political dynamics on the artistic approach and style of piano players. Her investigative journey is centered on discerning both the differences and similarities in the phenomenological experiences of pianists from China and the Western world as they engage with the Yellow River Piano Concerto.