Joel Martinez Lorenzana

PhD Student
Music Education
Office: TC 432

Joel Martinez Lorenzana is one of the leading performers and teachers in his home country, where he worked for ten years as faculty member at the National Autonomous University of Honduras and was appointed coordinator of Music in 2016. Mr. Martinez was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Master of Music in Performance and Piano Pedagogy at Arizona State University, completing the degree in the Spring of 2021. Later that year, Joel was accepted as a PhD student at Western University.

Joel is interested in looking to different approaches to music teaching and learning, to find ways to challenge established structures of power through music. He has compiled, transcribed, reconstructed and performed several compositions that were forgotten for a century. Joel has also performed piano works by underrepresented composers from several Latin American countries, commissioning and premiering works that push the boundaries between music, electronics and ethnomusicological research.

Joel will continue to devote significant efforts to imagine ways to transform, transgress and delink music from practices that oppress and invisiblize diverse groups.