Making music with artificial intelligence: Composition grad Jeff Lupker is co-founder of Staccato

The artificial intelligence (AI) craze continues!

Over the past year, millions of people have been dazzled by the capabilities of text-based generative artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT, or the image-generating DALL·E 2.

As AI enthusiasts discover new ways to integrate the technology into different aspects of our everyday lives, music is becoming a new frontier.

Recently, after adding a near-perfect AI-generated version of Eminem’s vocals into a song, chart-topping DJ David Guetta claimed, "the future of music is in AI."

And Assistant Professor Jeffrey Lupker, BMus’14, MMus’16, PhD’21, agrees.

Lupker, together with Jason Kowalczyk, HBA ’14, are the co-founders of Staccato, a platform that offers generative AI tools, acting as an artificial co-writer for musicians and lyricists.

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