Jeff Lupker

Assistant Professor
Office: TC 319
Phone: (519) 661-2111 x 82043

Jeff holds a PhD (Composition, 2021) from The University of Western Ontario’s Don Wright Faculty of Music where he also completed both his MMus (Composition, 2016) and BMus (Theory and Composition, 2014). His dissertation involved the creation of artificially intelligent software to aid in the composition of new music. This software relied on cutting edge deep learning language models that were repurposed to create music autonomously and could interact with popular music creation software. During his PhD he also published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters in the fields of deep learning, machine learning and music. Past projects have also included spatialization of sound using mobile phones, collaborative live music performances using web applications, live coding in music and the use sentiment analysis and social media as compositional tools in creating, controlling, or modifying electroacoustic music.

Beyond music research, Jeff is an active performer on primarily guitar and keyboards and has played across Canada and USA with singers such as Canada/America’s Got Talent finalist Stacey Kay and Canada’s Drag Race Winner Priyanka.

Jeff also started the company Staccato, which is an AI music co-writer for composers and lyricists. This company allows the users to interact with AI tools that can help them write lyrics based on a few keywords or to figure out what should come next in their music by inputting a few bars. The aim is to combat writer’s block, inspire creativity and increase the ability to write in new styles and genres.

Recent Publications:

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