Audition Information for Percussion

Instruments for auditions will be provided. Prospective students shall audition on snare drum, timpani and any keyboard mallet instrument. The audition will be comprised of a minimum of 3 prepared pieces and must include:

  • 1 standard timpani etude
  • 1 or 2 snare drum solos displaying rudimental & orchestral techniques
  • 1 or 2 mallet solos demonstrating 2 and/or 4 mallet techniques

Additional requirements include:

  • Timpani – tuning two timpani from a given pitch (familiarity singing major and minor intervals through P5 is an asset)
  • Mallet Keyboard – major and minor scales, two octaves, ascending and descending, M.M. quarter note=120
  • Arpeggios –all major, minor, dominant sevenths, M.M. quarter note=100-200
  • Sight-reading will be required on the keyboard instruments and snare drum

Examples of acceptable repertoire


Exercises, Etudes and Solos for the Timpani – Raynor Carroll
The Solo Timpanist - 26 Etudes – Vic Firth, Pub. Carl Fischer 

Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist – Garwood Whaley. Pub. JR Publications
Fundamental Method for Timpani (any etudes) Mitchell Peters. – Pub. Alfred

Snare Drum

Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer


Masterpieces for Marimba (Collection) Arr. Thos. MacMillan. – Pub.Belwin Mills 
George H. Green. Any of Green's Xylophone 'Rags' – Pub. Meredith Music
J.S. Bach. Any work from Bach's Six Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin (violin version or one prepared for keyboards)

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