Terry Riley’s "In C" at Western University

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On Sunday, September 12, from 1pm to 1:45pm, all members of the campus Western community can enjoy a cross-campus ‘plein air’ performance of Terry Riley’s “In C” – a chance composition of indeterminate length and instrumentation – to celebrate the return to campus this fall.

Organized by Sharon Wei, violist and faculty member of the Don Wright Faculty of Music, and undergraduate music students Jamie Zhang and Elizabeth van’t Voort as part of a 2021 Undergraduate Summer Research Internship and work-study project.

There will be small ensembles of musicians in outdoor locations throughout campus playing the piece. Radio Western will play a click track during the performance so that people can tune in and all the groups on campus can play in sync. Any student, faculty and staff from the Don Wright Faculty of Music can sign up for this event!


  • The Don Wright Faculty of Music welcomed a new Dean - Michael Kim - in August. This event provides the first opportunity of the new school year to introduce him to students.
  • Creates an opportunity for first year music students to meet each other and to meet and perform with upper year students.
  • Provides a great opportunity to play music with a large number for the first time since March 2020 as there were so many limitations due to the pandemic. It may help give students a sense of belonging and school spirit as they participate in a campus-wide event with their peers. 
  • Introduces the Don Wright Faculty of Music to students in other Faculties. This may be extremely beneficial to students who are interested in attaining a music minor or dance minor. An information table will be set up outside of Talbot College with information about how to participate in music ensembles throughout the year.
  • Bystanders on campus are able to hear and participate in live music throughout campus. Unfortunately we are not able to invite the broader London community to join us on campus during O-Week
  • A joyous way to help re-open the campus! 

As this is an outdoor event, it will be cancelled if it rains. We will let everyone know by email at 10am on September 12th if weather will affect our ability to perform outdoors. We expect to be prepared for any scenario the government may announce and are ready to adjust our plans based on the changing dynamics of this pandemic.

Information for performers

Sunday, September 12, 2021 | 12pm-2pm

Meet at Talbot College Bowl Tent at 12 noon. There will be an event welcome and a short description of the piece and how our performance will unfold. Everyone will then have time to head to their assigned locations (map to be provided) to set up their instruments and stands.

The performance will then begin at 1pm and end at 1:45pm. Feel free to come back towards Talbot (after 1:45pm) to mingle in the area and celebrate our first big in person performance of the year together. We hope to be capturing footage to document this revolutionary event.

Please bring a stand, headphones, your instrument/voice, and an electronic device (phone, tablet, or laptop) to participate. Please wear weather-appropriate clothes and a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle are highly suggested to bring as well. If you have Music Faculty or Western spirit wear, feel free to wear it!

We are anticipating over 150 musicians who will be fanned out across campus in specific locations to perform the joyous sounds of this piece during the first-year students charity lunch. All participants will receive a piece of Western swag.

We will be sending out further information and your assigned location on campus once you have signed up through the form below.

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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Sheet Music

You can find the correct music for your instrument linked below. If possible, please print it out prior to the performance.

C instruments (PDF)

Eb instruments (PDF)

F instruments (PDF)

Bb instruments (PDF)


Past Performances

For an idea of how this piece works, please check out a few past performances:




Contact Info

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Jamie Zhang 


Elizabeth Van't Voort