Western's Schulich Medicine & Dentistry school adds music performance diplomas to new MD+ offerings

Two months since its launch, the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry's new MD+ track has expanded program offerings available for Schulich Medicine students.

Medical students with interests in music performance now have new diploma opportunities to explore at the Don Wright Faculty of Music: the one-year Artist Diploma and three-year Music Performance Diploma.

Associate Professor Sophie Roland, Chair of the Music Performance Studies (MPS) Department at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, is delighted MPS can offer exceptional musical training to a new community of students.

"We believe in the intrinsic value of music and the arts in society and are honoured to partner with Schulich thereby contributing to the future of our brilliant medical community," said Roland.

Additional, expanded degree and diploma MD+ opportunities announced in May include offerings for students with interests in business, public administration, and science management

MD+ is a brand new educational initiative within the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program that offers interested MD students the opportunity to complete a graduate degree or diploma while earning their MD degree.

Read full announcement (via Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, May 10, 2021)

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