Student Blog - Love Over Hate: A Beautiful Rendition of Middle and Near-Eastern Music

On November 26, 2021, the combined clarinet studios of Jana Starling and Marie Johnson performed a special concert to support cultural acceptance, encourage inclusivity over hate, and to remember the London family killed in a racist, anti-Muslim attack this past spring.

The Don Wright Faculty of Music stands with Western and with the Muslim and London community in condemning acts of hate and violence.

In the spirit of diversifying cultural and musical experience, students joined London's own, The Light of East Ensemble, for an evening of music from the Near and Middle East. Together, they performed folk and Classical Arabic works, styles from disparate cultures such as Sephardic music and Greek Rembetika, and traditional forms from Armenia, Greece (Asia Minor – Smyrni and Konstantinoupoli), Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Israel.

Science student Johann Cardenas, 3rd Year Honours Specialization in Bioinformatics, and writer for Student Experience’s blog “Thrive” attended the concert and blogged about his experience.

Read blog post “Love Over Hate: A Beautiful Rendition of Middle and Near-Eastern Music” (via Thrive Online, Western's Virtual Community, December 15, 2021)