Emily Abrams Ansari receives 2015 Kurt Weill Prize

Emily Abrams Ansari, Assistant Professor in Music History, was recognized for "'Vindication, Cleansing, Catharsis, Hope': Interracial Reconciliation and the Dilemmas of Multiculturalism in Kay and Dorr's Jubilee (1976)," published in American Music in 2013. The prize panelists noted that Ansari's work "forces some profound--if at times uncomfortable--questions about art and politics in a difficult decade, and also about just what it might mean to write an 'American' opera. Ansari grounds her work deep in the archives, and also supports it with careful critical thinking. This is a truly impressive article that has already made a significant impact on the field."

Kurt Weill Foundation website: http://www.kwf.org/2015-award

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