Kelly Bylica

PhD Candidate
Music Education
Office: TC 326

Kelly Bylica is a PhD candidate in music education at Western University in London, Ontario. Her research interests have developed from her experiences as a K-8 general and choral music educator in the Midwestern United States. Her work examines the potentials and limitations of critical and creative learning projects for incorporating multiple ways of knowing and understanding in music classrooms. Kelly's research interests also include experiential learning and issues relating to diversity and inclusion in the classroom. She also holds degrees from Valparaiso University, Indiana (B.M.E. Music Education, Humanities) and Northwestern University, Illinois (M.M. in Music Education with honors, choral concentration).

Kelly has presented on critical pedagogy, learning projects, composition, and experiential learning at national and international conferences. She has published chapters in the upcoming Leadership In and Through Higher Music Education and Gender and the Music Industry, as well as in the Canadian Music Educator and the Teaching Innovation Project Journal. You can learn more about Kelly’s work by visiting her website: