Jashen Edwards

PhD Student
Music Education
Office: TC 121
Email: jedwa4@uwo.ca

Jashen is a PhD student in Music Education. His research centers around students’ sonic lifeworlds – sound currents streaming at home, school, on the streets and cyberspace – and examines how sonic stimuli may be a conduit for creative and critical engagement.

(Re)sounding the music classroom as a dynamic and dialogical acoustic space via creative musicking activities like group improvisation and collaborative composition, Jashen designs and facilitates sound sessions whereby students “play” with sounds encountered and collected, and “work” to sense and make meanings from them. Rehearsing and recontextualizing sounds may offer opportunities to critically engage with topics relevant to students’ lived experiences and open dialogue about sound’s individual-social-political role in shaping one's worldview.

Utilizing aspects of Voegelin’s (2010, 2019) ‘sonic sensibilities’, Gershon’s (2011, 2017) ‘sensual curriculum’, and Oliveros’ (2005) ‘deep listening’, Jashen’s work intersects with music education and sound studies, and cultural democracy and social justice arts education.

Hoping to encourage local music teachers to integrate such activities in their practice, Jashen co-organized along with Dr. Maud Hickey, ‘Composing in the Classroom: Models & Designs for the Creative Music Teachers’ – a three-day hands-on workshop/conference for forty-eight music teachers throughout Chicago.

Under the direction of Dr. Hickey, he co-facilitated a Garage Band composition program at Cook County Juvenile Detention Center Chicago. A paper delineating the effects musical mentoring with incarcerated youth had on university undergraduates was presented at the ISME conference in Glasgow, 2016, and is in the review process for publication.

Jashen has worked in a variety of settings including the Bay View Opera House, San Francisco Symphony, Ile Omode School in East Oakland, Hamilton Homeless Shelter for Children and Families, Our Lady of The Visitacion, and The Universität der Künste Berlin.

Compositions include music for stage, circus, and concert settings. He is the Founder/Music Director of sounds of life ®, a sound session practice.

In 2019, he, along with acclaimed mezzo-soprano, Patricia Green initiated Western’s first ‘Sound Hour’ – a drop-in lunch-time improv lab for music majors seeking more creative ways to engage with their instruments and voice.

Jashen is a graduate of the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University (MA, 2017) and University of California, Berkeley (BA, 2012).