Clare King (Neil)

PhD Candidate
Office: TC 328

Clare is a PhD Candidate in Musicology whose popular music focus lies in the study of hard rock and heavy metal music. She holds a BA with Honours from York University, Toronto, and an MA in Musicology from Dalhousie University, Halifax.

Clare’s research aims to investigate canon formation in heavy metal music through a case study of the turn-of-the-millennium subgenre Nümetal. Her papers on Nümetal have been well-received internationally with a chapter in the 2018 publication Songs of Social Protest (eds. Martin Power, Aileen Dillane, Eoin Devereux, and Amanda Haynes, Rowman and Littlefield) on the System of a Down protest song “Boom!” Her 2017 conference paper “All I Know is All I Know: Canadian Heavy Metal Girlhood in the Music of Kittie” won the IASPM Canada Peter Narvaez 2017 Annual Student Paper Prize. She has also presented papers at the 2018 HardWired VI heavy metal conference in Germany, the 2019 International Society for Metal Music Studies Biennial Conference in France, and others.

Clare is also interested in early music history, non-metal popular music studies, and the philosophy of aesthetic preferences.