Caroline Blumer

PhD Candidate
Music Education
Office: TC 122

Caroline Blumer is a Ph.D. candidate in Music Education at Western University. She holds a Bachelor in Popular Music & Jazz degree and a Master in Music Education degree, both from the State University of Campinas, Brazil. As a soloist, she has performed in "Los Conciertos de Navidad" in Havana and Matanzas (Cuba) accompanied by Brasília Jazz Symphonic. Caroline taught voice in her private studio for 10 years. She was instructor for the “Popular Singing” and “Singing for Actors” courses at Carlos Gomes Conservatory (Campinas). She was Musical Director and Vocal Coach in important Brazilian musical theater productions such as "Malandro's Opera", “The Lion King”, “Man of La Mancha”, “Notre Dame of Paris” and others.  Alongside her work as a jazz singer and musician, she is a researcher and teacher interested in inclusive musical contexts where people with intellectual disabilities experience music-making. Caroline has worked with individuals with disabilities and individuals on the Autistic Spectrum within inclusive musical theatre programs and schools in Brazil. In Canada, she is engaged as a volunteer and researcher with two inclusive musical programs at L'Arche Community and Dreams Come True Music Studio in London, ON.

With a passion for popular culture, diversity, equity and inclusive musical contexts, Caroline is currently working on her doctoral study entitled "Moments of Meeting: Intersubjective encounters in inclusive musical contexts." Through this study, she aims to bring plausible insights into how intersubjective encounters may impact the musical experiences of individuals with intellectual disabilities and how such encounters affect the perception these individuals have of themselves as subjects. Also and equally significant, this research looks at emerging pedagogical practices such a framework affords, in the sense of how instructors may construe intersubjective moments providing their students with opportunities for "being seen/ known" within meaningful learning experiences within musical contexts.