Allahyar Vazirov

PhD Student
Music Education
Office: TC 123

Allahyar has been in music education and the music industry since he was 9 years old. Canada has become his 10th country as he continues his PhD in Music Education at Western University. Allahyar has held positions in the symphony, Pop music, and Jazz Orchestras as conductor, music director, and arranger. He has collaborated with various UNESCO, Paris, and international and multicultural projects, as well as at the Kennedy Center and White House in Washington, DC with projects as a Cultural Exchange Visitor.

He holds his BMus from studies in Baku Music Academy, Azerbaijan, an MMus in Performance from Chicago, and MA in Community Music from Waterloo. His motto: there is no wrong or right music; all music is right. There is a right place, time, and audience for each type of music-making. His main streams are classical, orchestral, jazz, rock, fusion, pop, and culturally diverse music. His research interests and scholarly work is related to History, Politics, International Relationship, Decolonisation, Inclusion, Identity, Ideology, and his dissertation is about the History of Higher Instrumental Music Education of Azerbaijan (1920-2020), Policy & Curriculum Studies, Social-Economic-Political states of Music Education in local and global terms.