Audition Information for Woodwinds

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Applicants must:

1. Be prepared to play two contrasting pieces at the Conservatory Grade VIII level (Grade X for prospective Performance candidates).

2. Be prepared to play any major or minor scale and its arpeggio beyond a two-octave range where applicable.Scales to be performed in sixteenth notes - four notes to the quarter note of 72 on the metronome. A slow chromatic scale from the bottom range to the extreme top range may be required.

3. Be prepared to sightread material at the Conservatory Grade VI level. Clarinet auditions should be played on a regular B flat or A instrument, and students should be prepared to provide themselves with a professional quality B flat clarinet. It is recommended that students contact their future teachers before purchasing an instrument.

Because most of the major compositions for saxophone are only for alto saxophone, students studying at the Don Wright Faculty of Music are required to study alto saxophone rather than tenor, baritone or soprano saxophone. Students may audition using any of the saxophone family, but should be prepared to provide themselves with a professional quality instrument if accepted in the Music program.

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