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Applicants must:

1. Be prepared to sing three songs of contrasting nature at Conservatory Level 8. At least one of these songs must be in a language other than English.

2. Be required to demonstrate their vocal range.

A note on audition repertoire:

It is advised that voice applicants to Western avoid Musical Theatre selections on their audition for the entrance audition. Since undergraduate lessons and performances focus on art song, oratorio and operatic material we need to ensure that students have sufficient ability to succeed in the bel canto, art song tradition rather than the music theatre (Contemporary Commercial Music) tradition.

There are Musical Theatre opportunities during studies at Western, but the focus will be on "classical" voice. Jurors want to hear singers performing in foreign languages since this too is an important element of their bel canto voice training - Italian, French and German are required languages on applied juries. Auditions that do not demonstrate some experience, facility and affinity for these languages will be less compelling.

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