Recording Studio

To request a dub of a previously recorded event.

The Recording Studio

Situated above von Kuster Recital Hall, the recording studio provides audition, application, archival and reference recordings for both faculty members and students. The studio is capable of making high quality digital recordings from any of the wired rehearsal and performance spaces, including the main organ studio, von Kuster Hall, orchestral and vocal rehearsal spaces. In addition, the studio maintains a mobile component that records most off-site Faculty of Music performances.

Recording Policy

Recitals that are sound recorded automatically include: credit recitals; guest artist; faculty member; large ensemble; chamber; studio recitals taking place in vKH only; opera; and student composer concerts. These are all retained for the academic year, at which time only guest artist; large ensemble; opera; and faculty member recitals will be archived. In most cases a video is also available. Other types of recording projects are undertaken such as student composer recitals, guest lectures, and enquires should be made to or x85390.

Studio and Chamber recital recordings will be given to the instructor or coach, in order that students can access these materials. Note: Studio recitals taking place outside of vKH will not be recorded, but equipment is available for loan.

Large ensemble recordings will be placed on reserve in the Music Library for the academic year, after which they will be available from the Recording Studio Archive.

For the Credit Recital, Opera, and Large Ensemble dubs,these requests should be submitted to MB206 using a Request for Recording form printed from the .pdf link above and submitted to MB206. Hours are posted on the MB206 door. A fee will typically apply. Dubs will typically be available 3-5 working days after being received.

Application and Audition Recording Sessions

There are one hour time slots usually on Tuesday afternoons set aside in vKH to accommodate sessions on a first come first served basis. Enquires should be directed to or 519-661-2111 x85390 prior to a Request for Recording form being submitted. We ask requests be made as far in advance as possible, and allow five working days after a recording session for post production and dubbing of materials.

Opportunity for Employment

The studio also provides an opportunity for limited employment for a select number of students who qualify for the Work Study program. Qualified and eligible students are given the opportunity to learn and advance their skills in sound recording technology working with the studio manager, Michael Godwin.

Equipment Loan

Details are available on the Technical and Instructional support page, but it should be noted recording equipment is available for sign out to Faculty members, and students for academic support purposes. For example, video recording of Studio Recitals outside of vKH, rehearsal recordings, so on.