New edition: Jay Hodgson's "Understanding Records: A Field Guide to Recording Practice"

Bloomsbury has released a new, revised edition of Jay Hodgson's book, Understanding Records: A Field Guide to Recording Practice. This second edition of the book includes new developments in recording practice, updated musical references, and completely reworked and expanded sections on mixing and audio mastering.

Understanding Records has been praised as a useful resource for anyone interested in the process of recording, offering descriptions of production and engineering techniques and providing examples of what they sound like in contemporary pop songs.

Alex Krotz, a recording engineer who reviewed the new edition, wrote: “Understanding Records, Second Edition takes a very unique look at recording practice, and how to communicate what we hear when we listen to music. It breaks down and explores this extremely important part of music making like no other resource has done before, making this an invaluable field guide that everyone should read to take their skills in understanding music, and recording, to the next level!”