Faculties to showcase interest in interdisciplinary research

The academic space is a diverse place, composed of various forms of evidence. Increasingly, the conversation around what constitutes evidence, and what type of evidence ought to be applied to bring change, has become a critical topic of discussion.

These factors have induced many graduate students’ curiosity and desire to unpack critical social topics. This has been done through engagement in an open dialogue regarding how contemporary social topics are viewed and addressed, within the specific academic disciplines and faculties, and how these topics can be investigated in an interdisciplinary manner.

Graduate students and faculty members from the faculties of Music, Information and Media Studies (FIMS) and Law will come together for the second annual student-led interdisciplinary symposium, FIMULAW 2018, April 13 in the FIMS/Nursing Building. FIMULAW 2018 provides graduate students and faculty members an opportunity to present new ideas, and engage in an open dialogue with individuals from the other participating faculties.

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