Backing raises Stephanie Ciccarelli’s (BMusA’06) Voices among elite firms

It’s been a big year for Stephanie Ciccarelli and her business venture – perhaps the biggest yet.

Thanks to one of the largest investments in the history of London’s tech industry,, co-founded by Ciccarelli, BMusA’06, and her husband David, in 2005, is well-positioned to dominate the voice-talent industry. Earlier this year, the company announced an $18-million investment from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital – a boost that will generate a more visible profile while allowing it to expand its offerings to include more diverse talent.

“When I was at Western in the Music faculty, in my second year, I was on the University Students’ Council and my role was the Gigs Commissioner, responsible for helping other people get work. That helped prepare me for many things I did. I was always finding ways to relate what I was learning in class to the ( business we were building at the time and making connections and seeing opportunities where others didn’t,” Ciccarelli explained.

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Photo: Cornelia Klimek

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