Voice Fridays

Voice Fridays - singers performing in Mozart's The Magic FluteThe Weekly Symposium BY Singers FOR Singers

Led by the Don Wright Faculty of Music's Voice Division, Voice Fridays is a weekly symposium for singers including masterclasses, lectures, performances and seminars.

Please contact Voice Fridays coordinator Jackie Short for more information.

Upcoming Events


Friday, Jan 13 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Liz Upchurch, collaborative pianist and head of Canadian Opera Company’s Ensemble Studio, joins us for Voice Fridays. During her residency she will also give two masterclasses the following day, in addition to serving as the final round voice judge for the Maritsa Brookes Concerto Competition

Friday, Jan 20 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Andrea Willis
Canadian Opera Repertoire (1960 to the present)

Friday, Jan 27 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Dr. Mei Lee
Alexander Technique Introductory Class

Friday, Feb 3 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Brian McIntosh
Lieder Masterclass

Friday, Feb 10 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Dr. Rachel Goldenberg
A Vocal Health Primer for Singers and Voice Teachers. Masterclass to follow.

Friday, Mar 3 | 1:30pm NEW PROGRAM
TC 100
Midori Marsh

Friday, Mar 17 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Patricia Green
Canadian Art Song

Friday, Mar 24 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Simona Genga
illustrious alumna (interview with Patricia Green)

Friday, Mar 31 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Mike Fan
The Complex World of Identity in Opera


Recent Events


Friday, Sep 16 | 1:30pm 
TC 100
Every Breath You Take
An exploration of breathing with Todd Wieczorek

Friday, Sep 23 | 1:30pm
TC 100
Alumnus Scott Rumble, tenor talks about his journey from student to YAP to professional singer

Friday, Sep 30 | 1:30pm (following Fridays@12:30 Concert)
Paul Davenport Theatre
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Drs. Moynan King and Raj Singh, postdoctoral fellows, will lead a Q&A with Inuk Soprano Deantha Edmunds and composers Spy Dénommé-Welch and Catherine Magowan following the presentation of RADAR and Sojourn.

Friday, Oct 7 | 1:30pm
TC 100
Pop/rock techniques with Amanda Kind

Friday, Oct 14 | 1:30pm
TC 100
Masterclass with pianist/composer Stéphane Mayer

Friday, Oct 21 | 1:30pm NEW PROGRAM
TC 100
A makeup tutorial with professional makeup artist Julia LoRusso

Friday, Nov 11 | 1:30pm NEW PROGRAM
TC 100
Opera Masterclass with James Westman, baritone

Friday, Nov 18 | 1:30pm NEW PROGRAM
TC 100
Oratorio Masterclass with Bethany Hörst

Friday, Nov 25 | 1:30pm
von Kuster Hall
Songs of Many Lands

Presented by Professor Patricia Green for Voice Fridays, enjoy vocal performances featuring music from across the globe, performed by Don Wright Faculty of Music students in celebration of Western’s International Week

Friday, Dec 2 | 1:30pm NEW PROGRAM
TC 100
Masterclass with David Connolly, director, educator and choreographer. He will also give a series of masterclasses during his residency. 

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Jackie Short
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Voice Division Coordinator
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