Faculty Concerts

We are proud to showcase our internationally renowned faculty in exciting individual and collaborative programs at the Don Wright Faculty of Music. Many perform with visiting guest artists or within our signature "Fridays @ 12:30" concert series. For complete concert details, visit the "Fridays" or "Guest Artist" links below. For biography information, visit the Music Faculty Directory.

Please note the Faculty Concert Series is not taking place in 2019-2020.

Saturday, September 14, 2:00 p.m., von Kuster Hall, Music Building - Faculty members perform in the London location of Mysterious Barricades, a cross-Canada concert for suicide awareness, prevention and hope. www.mysteriousbarricades.org

Friday, September 20 - Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - various faculty

Friday, October 25 - Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Brett Kingsbury, piano

Thursday, November 2, 8:00 p.m. - Guest Artist concert - Marie Picard, clarinet with faculty member Marie Johnson, clarinet and bass clarinet, Professor Emeritus Robert Riseling, clarinet, and alumna Denise Jung, piano.

Friday, November 22Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Christine Tithecott, piano and friends

Friday, November 29Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Stephen Tam, flute with guest artist Teresa Suen-Campbell, harp

Friday, January 10Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Brett Kingsbury, piano with guest artists Caitlin Boyle and Theresa Rudolph

Friday, January 17Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Marie Johnson, clarinet, Alexandre von Wartburg, bassoon, Tina Yanchus-Hibbard, piano with guest artist: Eliza Lam, harp

Friday, January 31Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - James Westman, baritone, Margie Bernal Rodriguez, soprano, Simone Luti, piano

Friday, February 7Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Leslie Kinton, piano

Friday, February 28Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Aaron Hodgson, trumpet with guest artists Stephen Ivany, trombone, Yolanda Tapia, piano

Friday, March 6Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Thomas Wiebe, cello with guest artist Erika Raum, violin

Friday, March 13 - Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Robert Kubica, guitar with guest artists Michael MacNamara and Michael Pare, guitars

Friday, March 20 - Fridays @ 12:30 concert series - Stéphan Sylvestre, piano with guest artist Angela Park, piano