Opera at Western Auditions

2022-23 Performances

Hansel and Gretel

E. Humperdinck
Performances in late November
Chamber Orchestra
Paul Davenport Theatre

Opera/Musical Theatre Gala

Performances in mid-February
Early Music Studio
Paul Davenport Theatre


G. Verdi
Performances in March
Chamber Orchestra
Paul Davenport Theatre

Opera auditions during the 2022-23 academic year will be virtual. Please prepare one aria or song and record a video of your performance. Upload your recording to YouTube (set as “unlisted” – not “private"), and send a link to Torin Chiles at tchiles@uwo.ca by July 1, 2022.

Your audition may be recorded in-person with your accompanist, but if that’s not possible or you do not have an accompanist, we will also accept audition videos with pre-recorded accompaniment or a cappella performances.

The Audition Panel will review your video for casting all major roles in the operas and Gala, as described below.

If you are a non-music major, check this page in August for more information.

Audition Panel

Voting Members

  • Opera at Western Coordinator (Chair of Audition Panel)
  • Conductor/Music Director of each production
  • Director of the production being cast (if available)
  • Head Coach of Opera at Western
  • Full time Voice Faculty Members who hear ALL the auditions

Casting Guidelines

  • The casting meeting will take place as soon as possible after all audition videos have been received.
  • All Principal roles will be cast by simple majority vote of the panel.
  • Once casting is made, cast combinations will be at the discretion of the director and music director with input from the head coach.
  • Any member of the audition panel that has a student involved in the audition process cannot vote for their student but may abstain from that vote.
  • Each member of the audition panel must view all the auditions or their vote will not be recorded.