Pianos at Western’s Don Wright Faculty of Music

Pianos are at the heart of any music faculty and are essential to performance, research, teaching, and composition. A large piano complement and professional technical team is critical to the success of our students.

Piano Facts

  • approximately 150 acoustic pianos

  • 75 grands, 75 uprights, plus 25 digital

  • practice rooms – 35 uprights, 15 grands

  • von Kuster Hall – 9’ Steinway D & new 9’ Yamaha CFX

  • Paul Davenport Theatre – 7’ Steinway B

  • Studio 242 – Yamaha C7X

  • 3 piano technicians tune, repair and rebuild

  • tune approximately 45 pianos each week

  • pianos may be tuned monthly, weekly or even daily depending on use

  • shop work includes repairs, restringing, hammer and damper replacement, pinblock replacement, and sometimes, soundboard replacement

  • piano technicians also maintain early keyboard instruments

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