Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund

Application Information

The Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund was established in 1993, and is replenished annually by students in the form of a $100.00 refundable levy, included in each student’s tuition fee. These funds have enabled the Faculty of Music to create a reserve of money, entitled the Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund. This reserve is used to enhance the educational experience of students within the faculty by providing funding for equipment and projects that would otherwise be impossible.

The Gift Fund Committee is comprised of the Don Wright Faculty of Music Students' Council President (Committee Chair), up to seven undergraduate Music students, a professor from the Don Wright Faculty of Music, and the Dean of Music. The Committee meets twice per academic year to review submitted applications to the Gift Fund – during the Fall term (Round One), and the Winter term (Round Two). 

Gift Fund Round One is now open for 2019-2020, and application forms are now available. An electronic version of the application form can be found below. Printed application forms are also available for pick-up from Christine Ramsden in the Dean’s/Finance & Payroll Office (Talbot College – Room 213).

The deadline to apply for Round One is Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 3:30 p.m.

Please complete the form and submit applications via email to the Faculty of Music Dean’s/Finance & Payroll Office - Christine Ramsden Email submissions are preferred but if needed, hard-copy submissions may be delivered to Talbot College - Room 213).

Questions regarding the Gift Fund application process may be directed to:Jessie Li (Gift Fund Committee Chair/FoMSC VP Finance): or Christine Ramsden (Financial Assistant, Don Wright Faculty of Music):


To be added to event programs for performance events where applicable (including masterclasses and concerts) – edit event or guest as appropriate.

Funding for this [concert/masterclass/guest artist] was generously provided by the Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund.

Application Guidelines

1) Guidelines for Submitting Applications:

  • All funds specified shall be in Canadian dollars;
  • FOR INTERNATIONAL/NON-RESIDENT GUESTS: The fee you quote will have 15% withholding tax deducted, as per the Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines for non-residents of Canada
  • Partial funding to projects is an option;
  • Projects that have sought other forms of funding may receive special consideration;
  • An application for reimbursement of funds is not guaranteed and will be granted only under exceptional circumstances;
  • Please submit a complete proposal, including photocopies, pictures and a full list of specifications when necessary;
  • Please calculate all related charges into the total amount being requested. The following charges tend to be forgotten and can often increase the cost of a project significantly:  applicable taxes (HST), any shipping & handling charges, approximate customs/duty charges, and the approximate number of Western University parking passes needed for your guest artists (so we can plan to order and have those available as needed);
  • The fund will attempt to sponsor a variety of projects effective in the short and long term;
  • The fund will support a wide diversity of projects and aim to benefit the interests of all undergraduate music students;
  • Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to re-apply during any later round of Gift Fund.

2) Masterclasses and Concerts:

  • Undergraduate students registered in the Don Wright Faculty of Music shall participate in masterclasses and attend concerts free of charge. It is important that priority be given to Don Wright Faculty of Music undergraduate students for opportunities to participate in masterclasses;
  • Other observers and participants of masterclasses and concerts (other than undergraduate students) shall pay a fee which must be proposed by the applicant and decided upon by the Faculty Gift Fund Committee. This must be included in the “Revenues” section of the application;
  • Monies raised from ticket sales shall be used to reimburse advertising costs and the sum returned to the fund;
  • All posters and programs must credit the support of the Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund, using the logo provided by the committee at the time written approval of the project is granted.

3) Equipment/Instrument Purchase:

  • Equipment and instruments purchased should aim to benefit the interests of all undergraduate students;
  • Proposals for equipment and instruments must include price quotes, model numbers, and other detailed descriptions and/or illustrations;
  • All equipment and instruments must have a Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund logo affixed, wherever possible (provided by the committee).

4) Successful Applicants are Responsible For:

  • Ensuring the Committee Chair, Financial Assistant, production and promotion staff and students are notified of events/completion dates at the earliest possible date;
  • Confirming all financial and organizational details of the project with the Financial Assistant as far in advance as possible – payments are only completed upon direction from you as the project manager;
  • Advertising events through posters and announcements within the Faculty and to other interested parties. All posters and programs must credit the support of the Don Wright Faculty of Music Gift Fund with the use of its logo, provided by the committee;
  • Notify the Committee Chair and the Financial Assistant of postponements and the cancellations of projects. All cancelled projects will have funds reverted back into the reserve;
  • Prepare a brief review of the impact/success of the project funded, including a complete financial accounting for the event.

NOTE: Once approved, projects must be completed within two years from the approval date. If not completed, funds will be reverted back into the reserve. The Committee Chair or Dean’s Office must be notified of the progress and delays of all  projects.

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