Welcome to Graduate Studies in Music at Western!

Western offers outstanding graduate programs in Music in a welcoming artistic and intellectual environment. Our distinguished faculty members, who include nationally and internationally recognized scholars, composers, and performers, foster graduate programs of great depth and breadth.

  • musicologists and music theorists whose expertise ranges from traditional historical and theoretical perspectives to interdisciplinary perspectives informed by cultural studies, media studies, critical theory, gender theory, literary theory, cognition, and others
  • prolific, grant-winning music education researchers whose expertise includes the philosophy, psychology, and sociology of music education
  • stylistically diverse, award-winning composers who are committed to the creation of new music and nurturing of talent
  • performers who are renowned, distinguished artists committed to the development of artistic expression in their students

Our comprehensive graduate programs lead to the MA, MMus, PhD, and DMA degrees in five fields of graduate studies in music:

Our Master of Arts (MA) degree in  Popular Music and Culture is offered jointly with the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

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