PhD in Musicology

Program Requirements

  • 6 half courses in musicology and related subjects
  • 2 Directed Research Projects (DRP)
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Language Requirement (proficiency in two languages other than English, normally French and German)
  • Dissertation Proposal Defense
  • Dissertation and Oral Defense

Each PhD student will have a PhD Advisory Committee, which will be responsible for approving the student's course selection and comprehensive examination.

The dissertation proposal and dissertation itself will be written under the supervision of a dissertation supervisor and second reader.

For further details about PhD program requirements, please consult the Graduate Handbook.

Timeline for Progression

progression timeline


  • The chart above shows that course requirements and comprehensive examinations should be completed in Year 1 and 2. Year 3 and 4 are devoted to the completion of an approved dissertation proposal and then the writing of the dissertation.
  • The chart does not show the completion of language requirements, where applicable.
  • The chart shows how the Directed Research Projects (DRP), whose goal is to prepare the dissertation proposal, must be undertaken during Year 1 and 2, while completing course requirements and the Comprehensive Examination.
  • Note that the beginning and end dates of the DRPs are not rigid, though students are strongly advised to begin DRP1 in Term 3 and to aim to complete both DRPs early in Year 3 (if not sooner).

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