Maritsa Brookes Concerto Awards

About the Competition

Awarded to any undergraduate or graduate student in the Don Wright Faculty of Music on the basis of performance excellence demonstrated in solo concerto competition, this annual competition has been a highlight for many students over the years. This award was made possible through the generous donation by Maritsa Ateena Brookes (BA '57) to Foundation Western. The winners receive the honour of performing their selection in a public concert with the Western University Symphony Orchestra in the following school year. In addition, a generous monetary award is shared amongst the winner and the two runners-up, received in the fall following the competition.

Please note that candidates must be full-time registered students in the DWFOM for 2017-2018; currently registered in applied music; and, intend to be registered students during 2018-2019. DMA students are not eligible. This competition is open to all instruments.

Important Dates:
Deadline to submit online application: November 30, 2017 (by 12:00 p.m.)
Deadline to submit video recording (voice): January 8, 2018
Deadline to submit video recording (piano): January 8, 2018
Audition (strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion): January 9, 2018
Final Round: January 13, 2018 (12:00 p.m., von Kuster Hall, open to the public)

Public Performance

The final round of the 2017-2018 competition (open to public) took place on Saturday, January 13, 2018, 12:00 p.m. in von Kuster Hall (Music Building). Download concert program (PDF)

2017-2018 Competition

The winners of this year’s competition are:

First Place: Kelvin Mun, Violin
Second Place: Dan Luong, Piano
Third Place: Christian Wrona, Viola
Runner Up: Dorothy Lin, Violin

The judges for the final round were:

Jana Starling, Winds, Brass, Percussion
Torin Chiles, Voice
Stéphan Sylvestre, Piano
Annette-Barbara Vogel, Strings
Sophie Roland, Chair, Music Performance Studies Department

Previous Winners

First place: Sean Tzu-Hsiang Kao, Piano
Second place: Bing Xin Yang, Violin
Third Place: Daniel Dennis, Cello - View Meet the Artist video

First place: Heidi Wall, Piano
Second Place: Christian Golding, Piano - View Meet the Artist video
Third Place: Jordan Clayton, Violin

First place: Danbee Ko, Piano
Second Place: Morgan Traynor, Voice
Third Place: Rachelle Li, Violin

First Place: Natalia Skomorokhova, Piano
Second Place: Matt Henry, Saxophone
Third Place: Lisa Mulgrew, Voice
Runner Up: Warren Elder, Marimba

First Place: Nicole Li, Violin
Second Place: Jayden Beaudoin, Marimba
Third Place: Vladimir Soloviev, Piano

First Place: Joel Tangjerd, Cello
Second Place: Margie Bernal, Soprano
Third Place: Bryn Blackwood, Piano

First Place: Tim Cheung
Second Place: Eric Mohr
Third Place: Catherine Folstad
Alternate: Grace Baker

First Place: Peter Gajdek, Trumpet
Second Place: Courtney Murias, Voice
Third Place: Edgar Suski, Piano

First Place: Neal Cabigon
Second Place: Mark Prince
Third Place: Victoria Grigg
Fourth Place: Adam Falconi

Meet the Artist

Each year, winners of the Maritsa Brooks Concerto Competition are awarded a performance with the Symphony Orchestra.

Below is a video interview with Christian Golding, second place winner of the 2015-16 competition, speaking about his performance of Beethoven’s Emperor Piano Concerto No. 5 op.73 with the Symphony Orchestra on Apr. 1, 2017.