Past Winners

2017 Winners

First Place: Dorothy Zhihui Lin, violin
Second Place: Anna Macdonald, soprano
Third Place: Amanda Forest, clarinet
Finalists: Mélanie Cosman, trumpet; Kirit Mascarenhas, violin; Amanda Weatherall, mezzo-soprano; Tanner Willson, flute

pdf icon Final round program (2017) information and judges bios (PDF - 995 KB)

2016 Winners

First Place: Nicole Stocks, mezzo-soprano
Second Place: Katie McBean, viola
Third Place: Heidi Wall, piano
Honourable Mention: Peter Bass, baritone

Finalists: Marianna Grigg (cello), Bingxin Yang (violin), Laura Engsig (clarinet)

pdf icon Final round program (2016) information and judges bios (PDF - 1 MB)

2015 Winners

First Place: Nicole Li, violin ($4,000)
Second Place: Ming Wong, piano ($3,000)
Third Place: Katie McBean, viola ($2,500)

Finalists ($1500 each): Kelvin Mun, violin, Bryce Lansdell, piano, Morgan Traynor, voice

2014 Winners

First Place: Mengxi You, soprano ($4,000)
Second Place:Mikela Witjes, violin ($3,000)
Third Place: Erin Pickering, cello ($2,500)

Finalists ($1500 each): Matthew Tam, piano, Conlan Gassi, baritone, Bryce Lansdell, piano, Cherry Yichuan Zhang, piano, David Scott, clarinet

2013 Winners

Congratulations the prize winners of the 2013 LMSF conmpeition!
First Place; Vladimir Soloviev, piano
Second Place: Jayden Beaudoin, marimba
Third Place: Kevin Odorico, cello 

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2012 Winners

First Place: Margie Bernal, voice ($4,000)
Second Place: Vladimir Soloviev, piano ($3,000)
Third Place: Elisa Jinga, piano ($2,500)
Finalists: Peter Gajdek-trumpet, Joel Tangjerd-cello, Evan Korbut-voice, Matt Pauls-voice, Tina Park -violin ($1,500)

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Candidates advancing to Round Two: Laura Andrew, Brian Barber, Margi Bernal, Bryn Blackwood, Louis Chan, Aaron Dimoff, Peter Gajdek, Conlan Gassi, Robin Howe, Elisa Jinga, Evan Korbut , Tina Park, Matt Pauls, Vlad Soloviev, Joel Tangjerd, Mikaela Witjes

2011 Winners

First Place: Vladimir Soloviev, piano ($4,000)
Second Place: Christopher Dunham, voice ($3,000)
Third Place: Zachary Peterson, violin ($2,500)
Finalists: Laura Andrew-flute, Brian Barber-piano, Warren Elder-percussion, Erin Stone, voice ($1,500)

Click on the name of the above winners to see their performances on Youtube.

2010 Winners

First Place: John Yun, piano ($4,000)
Second Place: Alan Demir, piano ($3,000)
Third Place: Tracy Cantin, voice ($2,500)
Finalists: Khandice Francois-violin, Grace Baker-flute, Eric Mohr-bassoon, Michael Pare-guitar, Kristen Westwood-piano ($1,500)

2009 Winners

First Place: Adam Marostica, voice ($4,000)
Second Place: Alan Demir, piano ($3,000)
Third Place: Katie Bestvater, 'cello ($2,500)
Finalists: Grace Baker-flute, Christy Derksen-voice, Allison Graham-oboe, Michelle Kohl-violin ($1,500)

To read a full article about the 2009 competition visit here.

2008 Winners

First Place: Meiyen Lee, piano ($4,000)
Second Place: Rachel Huys, voice ($3,000)
Third Place: Margie Bernal, voice ($2,500)
Finalists: Eric Mohr-bassoon, Catherine Folstad- 'cello, Amy Waller-voice, Allison Graham-oboe, Dan Baerg-marimba ($1,500)