Deferrals & Accommodation for Illness

Deferral of Jury

Deferral of a jury examination by a student is permitted only in the case of illness or injury (supported by documentation from a physician) or for compassionate reasons (supported by an email to the MPS Department Chair). Deferral of a credit recital by a student is permitted only in the case of illness or injury (supported by documentation from a physician), for compassionate reasons (supported by an email to the MPS Department Chair). A student seeking permission for a deferral must obtain the appropriate Deferral Request Form from the Undergraduate Assistant (TC 210) which must be signed by both the student and the studio teacher then submitted to the Chair of the Department of Music Performance Studies for consideration.

Failure to follow the deferral procedure by the end of April results in an automatic F failure on the student transcript. An incomplete jury or recital denies progression through an Honors program. No further registration for Applied Instruction will be accepted until a deferred jury or recital is completed.

Medical Documentation should be forwarded to Academic Counsellor Diane Mills in TC210.
Additional information on Accommodation for Medical Illness can be found on the Program Counselling page.

Rescheduling of Deferred Juries 
Performance juries deferred from December will be rescheduled in January unless further extension is warranted. Non-graduating deferred April juries that are approved by the Department Chair will be rescheduled to the end of May, unless medical documentation indicates a longer recovery time is needed, in which case the jury will be scheduled for the first day after Labour Day in September. Students unable to perform the May jury due to illness will be required to obtain further medical documentation to be rescheduled for Sept. Deferred graduating April juries will be rescheduled in early May, so that the mark may be submitted in time for spring graduation. See the Important Dates for more information.

Deferral of a Credit Recital


  1. Inform your studio instructor immediately that you will be requesting a deferral of your recital. Complete the “Request for Deferral” form (available from the Undergraduate Assistant in TC210).  State the grounds for deferral, which ordinarily are limited to medical conditions (documentation will be requested for undergraduate students and may be requested for graduate students), or compassionate reasons (generally a significant family emergency); please note that professional engagements, auditions, or failure to confirm in advance the accompanist’s (and ideally the studio teacher’s) availability will not routinely constitute grounds for deferral. Have your studio teacher sign the form, and add comments if desired. Deferrals based on compassionate reasons must be supported by an email to the MPS Department Chair by the student or studio teacher. Paperwork and payment must be submitted to the MPS Undergraduate Assistant at least several days prior to the recital to allow time for processing (10 days prior if the reason is compassionate).
  2. Attach payment of the $200.00 Recital Cancellation Fee (if a cheque, payable to the University of Western Ontario). This will apply regardless of the grounds.
  3. Return the form and payment to the MPS Chair.
  4. If permission to defer is given, the recital will automatically be rescheduled by the Concert Manager for the first available slot in the week of April 15, 2019, in the Paul Davenport Theatre. It is possible that hours throughout the day and evening may be assigned.
  5. The Music Performance Studies Undergraduate Assistant will inform everyone involved of the new date and time.
  6. Failure to follow the above procedure may result in a student being marked as a "no-show" and receiving a failing grade.